Latest commit 7d3a750 Jan 20, 2017 @farooqu farooqu committed with icfantv feat(dropdown): make dropdown-append-to-body configurable (#6356)
* feat(dropdown): make dropdown-append-to-body configurable

Make dropdown-append-to-body accept a value which will be evaluated to
determine if the menu should be appended to body. If no value is
specified, or a non-false value is specified then the menu will be
appended to body. If the value is `false` then the menu will not be
appended to body.

* feat(dropdown): append and remove menu when menu is opened or closed

Only append and remove append-to and append-to-body menus when the
menu is opened or closed. This allows for the values of append-to and
append-to-body to be evaluated when the menu is toggled open, and also
prevents littering of the DOM.

* fix(dropdown): don't remove the dropdown-menu on close

Instead of removing the dropdown-menu on close, append it back to the
original element.