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A lightweight pager directive that is focused on providing previous/next paging functionality

uib-pager settings

  • align C (Default: true) - Whether to align each link to the sides.

  • items-per-page $ C (Default: 10) - Maximum number of items per page. A value less than one indicates all items on one page.

  • next-text C (Default: Next ») - Text for Next button.

  • ng-disabled $ (Default: false) - Used to disable the pager component.

  • ng-model $ - Current page number. First page is 1.

  • num-pages $ readonly (Default: angular.noop) - An optional expression assigned the total number of pages to display.

  • previous-text C (Default: « Previous) - Text for Previous button.

  • template-url (Default: uib/template/pager/pager.html) - Override the template for the component with a custom provided template.

  • total-items $ - Total number of items in all pages.