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A lightweight, extensible directive for fancy popover creation. The popover directive supports multiple placements, optional transition animation, and more.

Like the Bootstrap jQuery plugin, the popover requires the tooltip module.

Note to mobile developers: Please note that while popovers may work correctly on mobile devices (including tablets), we have made the decision to not officially support such a use-case because it does not make sense from a UX perspective.

There are three versions of the popover: uib-popover and uib-popover-template, and uib-popover-html:

  • uib-popover - Takes text only and will escape any HTML provided for the popover body.
  • uib-popover-html $ - Takes an expression that evaluates to an HTML string. Note that this HTML is not compiled. If compilation is required, please use the uib-popover-template attribute option instead. The user is responsible for ensuring the content is safe to put into the DOM!
  • uib-popover-template $ - A URL representing the location of a template to use for the popover body. Note that the contents of this template need to be wrapped in a tag, e.g., <div></div>.

uib-popover-* settings

All these settings are available for the three types of popovers.

  • popover-animation $ C (Default: true, Config: animation) - Should it fade in and out?

  • popover-append-to-body $ C (Default: false, Config: appendToBody) - Should the popover be appended to '$body' instead of the parent element?

  • popover-class - Custom class to be applied to the popover.

  • popover-enable $ (Default: true) - Is it enabled? It will enable or disable the configured popover-trigger.

  • popover-is-open (Default: false) - Whether to show the popover.

  • popover-placement C (Default: top, Config: placement) - Passing in 'auto' separated by a space before the placement will enable auto positioning, e.g: "auto bottom-left". The popover will attempt to position where it fits in the closest scrollable ancestor. Accepts:

    • top - popover on top, horizontally centered on host element.
    • top-left - popover on top, left edge aligned with host element left edge.
    • top-right - popover on top, right edge aligned with host element right edge.
    • bottom - popover on bottom, horizontally centered on host element.
    • bottom-left - popover on bottom, left edge aligned with host element left edge.
    • bottom-right - popover on bottom, right edge aligned with host element right edge.
    • left - popover on left, vertically centered on host element.
    • left-top - popover on left, top edge aligned with host element top edge.
    • left-bottom - popover on left, bottom edge aligned with host element bottom edge.
    • right - popover on right, vertically centered on host element.
    • right-top - popover on right, top edge aligned with host element top edge.
    • right-bottom - popover on right, bottom edge aligned with host element bottom edge.
  • popover-popup-close-delay C (Default: 0, Config: popupCloseDelay) - For how long should the popover remain open after the close trigger event?

  • popover-popup-delay C (Default: 0, Config: popupDelay) - Popup delay in milliseconds until it opens.

  • popover-title - A string to display as a fancy title.

  • popover-trigger $ (Default: 'click') - What should trigger a show of the popover? Supports a space separated list of event names, or objects (see below).

Note: To configure the tooltips, you need to do it on $uibTooltipProvider (also see below).


The following show triggers are supported out of the box, along with their provided hide triggers:

  • mouseenter: mouseleave
  • click: click
  • outsideClick: outsideClick
  • focus: blur
  • none

The outsideClick trigger will cause the popover to toggle on click, and hide when anything else is clicked.

For any non-supported value, the trigger will be used to both show and hide the popover. Using the 'none' trigger will disable the internal trigger(s), one can then use the popover-is-open attribute exclusively to show and hide the popover.


Through the $uibTooltipProvider, you can change the way tooltips and popovers behave by default; the attributes above always take precedence. The following methods are available:

  • setTriggers(obj) (Example: { 'openTrigger': 'closeTrigger' }) - Extends the default trigger mappings mentioned above with mappings of your own.

  • options(obj) - Provide a set of defaults for certain tooltip and popover attributes. Currently supports the ones with the C badge.

Known issues

For Safari 7+ support, if you want to use focus popover-trigger, you need to use an anchor tag with a tab index. For example:

<a tabindex="0" uib-popover="Test" popover-trigger="focus" class="btn btn-default">
  Click Me