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Report an Issue

Help us make UI-Router better! If you think you might have found a bug, or some other weirdness, start by making sure it hasn't already been reported. You can search through existing issues to see if someone's reported one similar to yours.

If not, then create a plunkr that demonstrates the problem (try to use as little code as possible: the more minimalist, the faster we can debug it).

Next, create a new issue that briefly explains the problem, and provides a bit of background as to the circumstances that triggered it. Don't forget to include the link to that plunkr you created!

Note: If you're unsure how a feature is used, or are encountering some unexpected behavior that you aren't sure is a bug, it's best to talk it out on StackOverflow before reporting it. This keeps development streamlined, and helps us focus on building great software.

Issues only!
Please keep in mind that the issue tracker is for issues. Please do not post an issue if you need help or support. Instead, see one of the above-mentioned forums or IRC.

Purple Labels

A purple label means that you need to take some further action.

  • Not Actionable - Need Info: Your issue is not specific enough, or there is no clear action that we can take. Please clarify and refine your issue.
  • Plunkr Please: Please create a plunkr
  • StackOverflow: We suspect your issue is really a help request, or could be answered by the community. Please ask your question on StackOverflow. If you determine that is an actual issue, please explain why.

If your issue gets labeled with purple label, no further action will be taken until you respond to the label appropriately.


(1) See the Developing section below, to get the development version of UI-Router up and running on your local machine.

(2) Check out the roadmap to see where the project is headed, and if your feature idea fits with where we're headed.

(3) If you're not sure, open an RFC to get some feedback on your idea.

(4) Finally, commit some code and open a pull request. Code & commits should abide by the following rules:

  • Always have test coverage for new features (or regression tests for bug fixes), and never break existing tests
  • Commits should represent one logical change each; if a feature goes through multiple iterations, squash your commits down to one
  • Make sure to follow the Angular commit message format so your change will appear in the changelog of the next release.
  • Changes should always respect the coding style of the project


UI-Router uses npm and Rollup.

Fetch the source code

The code for Angular UI-Router is split into two source repositories:

Clone both repositories into directories next to each other.

mkdir uirouter
cd uirouter
git clone angularjs
git clone core

Install dependencies

Use npm to install the development dependencies for each repository.

cd core
npm install
cd ../angularjs
npm install
cd ..

Link the directories

This step is necessary if you need to modify any code in @uirouter/core. Using npm, link @uirouter/core into @uirouter/angularjs

cd core
npm link
cd ../angularjs
npm link '@uirouter/core'

After executing these steps, @uirouter/angularjs will be depend on your local copy of @uirouter/core instead of the version listed in package.json.


These scripts may be run in the angularjs directory:

  • npm run build: Compiles TypeScript source
  • npm run package: Compiles TypeScript source and creates the Rollup bundles.
  • npm test: Runs the test suite (against Angular 1.2 through 1.5).
  • npm run watch: Continuously compiles the source and runs the test suite (when either source or tests change).

Scripts of the same name (in the core directory) can be used.

  • npm run build: Compiles @uirouter/core TypeScript source
  • npm test: Runs the @uirouter/core test suite
  • npm run watch: Continuously compiles the source and runs the @uirouter/core test suite (when core source or tests change).

If you've followed the linking instructions, it's useful to run both npm run watch tasks (each task from @uirouter/core and @uirouter/angularjs). This ensures that changes to either @uirouter/core and @uirouter/angularjs compile successfully and are run against their test suites.

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