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1.3 - Hopper

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@hansl hansl released this 09 Aug 23:50
· 8299 commits to main since this release

This is release 1.3.0 of the Angular CLI. As a minor release, it adds a lot of new features (as
well as a considerable amount of bug fixes) from the 1.2 releases.

Notably, amongst new features:

  1. Universal (experimental) support. Follow this tutorial to try it out.
  2. Add a new optimizer mode. Use --build-optimizer with ng build or ng serve to try it out.
    We suggest to use it only in production builds.
  3. Webpack 3 support. Webpack has been updated to the latest version, which includes multiple
    fixes and a scope hoisting features that you get for free.
  4. Naming of your lazy chunks. No more 0.js in your dist folder! This is disabled in production
  5. Typescript has been updated and we now support ES2017 by default.
  6. Proper size reporting. Sizes shown in your reports are now the ones from your filesystem.

Please test it out and let us know!

Bug Fixes

  • @angular/cli: fix empty 3rdpartylicenses.txt (80dfb0d), closes #6921
  • @angular/cli: prevent unicode character compression (d69d797)
  • @angular/cli: Update @angular-devkit/build-optimizer (af2d957)
  • @angular/cli: update build-optimizer to latest (3271ac0)
  • @angular/cli: use correct property names for build config defaults (349aae8)
  • @angular/cli: add explicit source-map-support dependency (#7191) (1d9e07e)
  • @angular/cli: baseHref to accept empty string via cli (2486bf9)
  • @angular/cli: change blog link to (8257149)
  • @angular/cli: exclude node_modules while take account for os specific path separators (#6870) (6cfa7c3)
  • @angular/cli: ignore yarn-error.log directory (983b470)
  • @angular/cli: Include missing dependency when ejecting (8e008e8)
  • @angular/cli: remove -bo alias for --build-optimizer (3aecfa7)
  • @angular/cli: show warnings on serve (ca98b2b), closes #7213
  • @angular/cli: standardize output path behavior (a6ac43a)
  • @angular/cli: sync webpack stats file content options (323cd97)
  • @angular/cli: update build-optimizer (aa0a59b), closes #7114 #7110 #7093
  • @angular/cli: update build-optimizer to latest (38c064c)
  • @angular/cli: update package-lock for build-optimizer (fe8b7be)
  • @angular/cli: use 3 uglify passes with build-optimizer (df6d331)
  • @angular/cli: use relative path instead of regex to exclude node_modules (#6870) (542f2bd)
  • @angular/cli: change blog link to international one (0edd99d)
  • @angular/cli: pin webpack to 3.3.0 (a674b0c)
  • @angular/cli: prevent .cur file inlining (64d4138)
  • @angular/cli: remove deprecated json-loader (1a6aa53)
  • @angular/cli: adjust blueprint tslint.json rule member-ordering (f25ce49)
  • @angular/cli: adjust blueprint tslint.json rule semicolon (1c6179a)
  • @angular/cli: always ignore node_modules for lint (6ad27c5), closes #6626
  • @angular/cli: check package manager existance before installing packages (b0576d6)
  • @angular/cli: don't set baseUrl in editor tsconfig (ac2fec4)
  • @angular/cli: fix directory issue (64e6b94), closes #6444
  • @angular/cli: fix doc command to work with new (6ca6a5e)
  • @angular/cli: fix ng test report sourcemaps (455d56e), closes #6583
  • @angular/cli: Prevent re-reading config file if project & global are the same (f735760)
  • @angular/cli: use a single exclamation mark for blueprint (55b9d5c)
  • @angular/cli: use build defaults in test (5e8aadc)
  • @angular/cli: use inline sourcemaps in test (2780c3d), closes #6737
  • @angular/cli: wait for install to finish before exiting (aebf4c8)
  • @ngtools/webpack: show TS error message when there is no file (c475cf4)
  • @ngtools/webpack: fix duplicate LAZY_ROUTE_MAP exports (#7107) (0b86640)
  • @ngtools/webpack: pin enhanced-resolve (97c7cfb)
  • @ngtools/webpack: allow Angular 5.0.0 (7d8f54a)
  • @ngtools/webpack: better AoTPlugin instance error (6ca34c6)
  • @ngtools/webpack: if the router is not found ignore lazy routes (962b028), closes #5967
  • @ngtools/webpack: show exception message when cannot find compiler-cli (#6984) (e481bcb)


  • @angular/cli: add ability to build bundle for node and export lazy route map (6f23636)
  • @angular/cli: add build defaults to config (7f28049)
  • @angular/cli: add build-optimizer support (9ec5b4e)
  • @angular/cli: add flag to control chunk naming (826c634)
  • @angular/cli: add scope hoisting via webpack 3 (fe85750)
  • @angular/cli: allow chunk names for imports (fd52246)
  • @angular/cli: make the common chunk optional (26e9433), closes #7021
  • @angular/cli: name lazy chunks (5a0e80f), closes #6700
  • @angular/cli: read proxyConfig from angular-cli.json (36e4d7b)
  • @angular/cli: rewrite stats output to properly show the asset size (61b4e22)
  • @angular/cli: support TypeScript 2.4 (7b9fc28), closes #6827
  • @angular/cli: update standard library to es2017 (d5d0b07)
  • @ngtools/webpack: fix paths mapping support (f454eb2)

Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this release:

Filipe Silva, Hans Larsen, Charles Lyding, Mike Brocchi, Josh Iverson, Johannes Schramm, yokots, sendilkumarn, kevinphelps, jnizet, christian.scharr, cexbrayat, Yaroslav Admin, Sumit Arora, S K (xz64), Robin Dijkhof, Rakhat Jabagin, Rafal Woloszyn, Michael Prentice, Michael Kühnel, Lukas Elmer, Kristofer Karlsson, Kevin Phelps, Justin Grayston, Juri Strumpflohner, Jason Jean, James Ayvaz, Hans, FrozenPandaz, Christian Scharr, Christian Liebel, AntoineC, Aliaksei Kuncevic, Alexandr Marchenko