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1.5 – Turing

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@hansl hansl released this 01 Nov 19:23
· 8320 commits to main since this release

This is a minor release which is tied to Angular 5.0. For more details about this release, see our blog post about Angular 5.0.

A lot of bug fixes and new features in this release (from 1.4). For a complete list, please go back to previous 1.5 RCs and Betas.

Bug Fixes

  • @angular/cli: don't show chunk parents on stats (dfc18f5), closes #8144
  • @angular/cli: Show detailed help for ng new --help (aff5257)
  • @angular/cli: Show non-schematic options with help (b06f840)
  • @angular/cli: use JIT by default with ng5 (f9d2515), closes #8259
  • @ngtools/webpack: do not stringify JSON sourcemaps (90c03f5)

Special Thanks

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this release:

Filipe Silva, Hans Larsen, Charles Lyding, Mike Brocchi, Olivier Combe, Ahsan Ayaz, vsavkin, Sarun Intaralawan, Mark Pieszak, Daniel Edwards, Alex Rickabaugh, y-kurami, Vikram Subramanian, Suguru Inatomi, Suguru, Joshua Wiens, Hans, Garo Yeriazarian, Fabian Wiles, Amit Moryossef, Aditya Parab, Adam Plumer, Abdellatif Ait boudad,