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The Angular CLI just wanted to jump in real quick with an update while we prepare the final 6.0.0 release. There are going to be a lot of changes in this release, and listing them all here would not be the best for you. So we're working on proper Release Notes that will be easier to understand and digest. These are not ready yet.

Just wanted to lay out the large lines here for the moment:

  • Library support! That was one of the most requested feature. You can generate a new library in your project by using ng generate library <name>.
  • ng update! You can now update your project's dependencies, for dependencies that support it, including the CLI itself.
  • New configuration format. The new file can be found at angular.json (but .angular.json is also accepted). Running ng update on a CLI 1.7 project will move you to the new configuration.
  • New way to structure your configuration. Your build information and schematics default can now be configured by project.
  • Build flags now have a 1-to-1 representation in the configuration.
  • Smaller package globally (and to a certain extent locally). We now only publish what the CLI needs, and include what your project needs (build and schematics) inside your project's package.json. This leads to a much smaller global package for the CLI itself (23M, and we keep improving).
  • ng config now replaces both set and get. You can get values with (e.g.) ng config cli.packageManager, and you can set a value with (e.g.) ng config -g cli.packageManager '"yarn"'.
  • Build results in smaller packages in general, mostly due to webpack 4 now being fully supported.

And of course, much much more.


  • The CLI Team.