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@vikerman vikerman released this Jul 2, 2019 · 55 commits to master since this release


@angular-devkit/architect (0.801.0)

Commit Description Notes
one more fix for newest version of rxjs
fix for newest version of rxjs

@angular/cli (8.1.0)

Commit Description Notes
ng doc uses angular core version by default [Closes #12365]
report RAM in gigabytes instead of megabytes
ping back when user opts out of analytics
move non-stable version analytics to own property
log unhandled exceptions
ng doc accepts a version flag
pass in metrics to the pageview for commands
log file path normalization
validate version in doc command
correct git branch in ng version
ensure analytics prompt exceptions are caught [Closes #14684]

@schematics/angular (8.1.0)

Commit Description Notes
add migration from `lazy` option to `inject`
lazy routing module generator
add skipSelector property to the component generator [Closes #14749]
add `fullTemplateTypeCheck` and `strictInjectionParameters` to workspace tsconfig.json [Closes #14794]
set proper severity of the tslint deprecation rule
replace forked `web-animations-js` with latest version [Closes #14518]
fix BUILD file filter for npm package to include both BUILD and BUILD.bazel file
improve pipe signature [Closes #12602]
remove indentation in component html [Closes #14816]
support adding web-worker to pre version 8 applications [Closes #14791]

@angular-devkit/build-angular (0.801.0)

Commit Description Notes
deprecate scripts and styles `lazy` option in favor of`inject` [Closes #14814]
add crossorigin options [Closes #14743]
option to build and test only specified spec files
move milliseconds time audit at the end of console
IE11 errors when using scripts and differential loading [Closes #14777]
add Symbol.iterator polyfill for legacy browsers
add `type="module"` on script tags when differential loading will be enabled [Closes #14747]
force event category to be something
add `@angular/compiler-cli` version `8.1.0-next.0` as `peerDependency`
re-order reporters to set code coverage at the very end
remove certain redundant build steps from second build in differential loading
browser builder should not swollow error messages [Closes #14813]
browser builder should not swollow error messages [Closes #14813]
emit warning when using extract-i18n in Ivy [Closes #14225]

@angular-devkit/build-optimizer (0.801.0)

Commit Description Notes
incorrectly augmented ES2015 default class exports [Closes #14769]
wrap TypeScript string enums in IIFE [Closes #14786]

@angular-devkit/schematics (8.1.0)

Commit Description Notes
Add registerCollection to SchematicsTestRunner [Closes #14833]
Add registerCollection to SchematicsTestRunner [Closes #14833]
fix use `install` subcommand when override package manager to yarn

@ngtools/webpack (8.1.0)

Commit Description Notes
improved TypeScript diagnostic reporting
NGCC should process secondary entry-points [Closes #30972]
[Closes #issuecomment-506428267]
skip non-runtime types when transforming constructors [Closes #14876]
add `@angular/compiler-cli` version `8.1.0-next.0` as `peerDependency`
NGCC workspace libraries module resolution [Closes #14594]
ensure references for constructor parameter types
remove old TypeScript workarounds
avoid re-running full emit when there wasn't a an emit [Closes #14775]

Special Thanks

Renovate Bot, Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Hans Larsen, vikerman, Cédric Exbrayat, ukrukarg, Keen Yee Liau, Lakhyari, mgechev, Minko Gechev, hawkgs, Greg Magolan, FDIM, Suguru Inatomi, Vikram Subramanian, Pete Bacon Darwin, SamanthaAdrichem, istiti, c4605

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