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@mgechev mgechev released this Feb 6, 2020 · 538 commits to master since this release


@angular-devkit/architect (0.900.0)

Commit Description Notes
support multiple configs in WorkspaceNodeModulesArchitectHost
support accessing project metadata
clone workspace objects before builder use

@angular-devkit/benchmark (0.900.0)

Commit Description Notes
Allows the CLI repo to be hosted in a directory with spaces. (#16073)

@angular-devkit/build-angular (0.900.0)

Commit Description Notes
support TSLint 6.0+
support i18n localization for non-differential builds
support deprecated i18n options with new configuration
support parallel i18n localization
optimize i18n localize usage in source locale
initial support for i18n translation inlining
update peer dependency support
add experimentalRollupPass (#15690)
add support for i18n extraction with Ivy (#15796)
add analytics for ivy/non-ivy builds
set document locale when using i18nLocale [Closes #8102]
deprecate `lazyModules` option
ignore express and hapi depedency expresstion (#15586)
enable bundleDependencies by default for server builder
expose webpack-dev-server's allowedHosts option [Closes #13656]
update sass-loader to 8.0.0
exclude TSX test files from test coverage
collect test coverage from JSX/TSX files
resolve webdriver-manager from protractor location
provide supported browsers to babel
use translation file in bundle hash calculations
add crossorigin attribute to lazy chunks [Closes #16801]
remove unneeded regex polyfills
when optimizing do not emit Ivy class metadata or module scope
ensure babel configurations are isolated
pass filename to `parseSync` [Closes #16781]
reintroduce fast sourcemap path
ensure output is ASCII only
emit error when a script is not found [Closes #16659]
change css optimizer from clean-css with cssnano [Closes #16123]
[Closes #13854]
update tree-kill dependency to 1.2.2
improve quality of differential loading sourcemaps
replace istanbul-instrumenter-loader with coverage-istanbul-loader [Closes #16576]
[Closes #7117]
update browserslist and caniuse-lite [Closes #16560]
account for hashed and non hashed filesnames when having sourcemaps
prevent differential loading double sourcemap search
add sourceMappingURL comment for ES2015 during differential loading [Closes #16522]
optimize web worker differential loading processing [Closes #16441]
ensure source locale data is injected when localizing [Closes #16389]
resolve `@babel/preset-env`
add symlinks option to resolveLoader
localize service worker base href
add notice when using bundleDependencies: none with Ivy
update budgets to check differential builds separately [Closes #15792]
remove async files from `initial` bundle budget.
suppress duplicate 3rdpartylicenses.txt warning
add `externalDependencies` to server builders
allow `bundleDependencies` to be a boolean
augment base HREF when localizing
support differential loading for web workers [Closes #16275]
ensure HTML lang attribute is set when localizing
make i18n translation files relative to workspace
add pattern validations for `browserTarget` and `serverTarget`
enable dynamic import parsing with serve localization [Closes #16248]
cache localize results with development server
mocked context in single test transform matches webpack API
properly process es2016+ targets with differential loading
resolve lazy route Angular package from project base [Closes #16219]
update link to
prevent webpack from adding suffixes to polyfills files [Closes #15915]
allow new i18n options to work with VE
support global locale data with development server
ensure webpack loaders use this package's versions
ensure build-angular's webpack version is used
fix numberOfComponents in JIT mode
support XMB/XTB translation file parser [Closes #16100]
ignore node modules when polling
prevent double sourcemap processing
silence internal webpack dev server logging
allow localization with development server (#16053)
temporarily disable global locale data injection
insert locale data when localizing
temporarily remove localize peer dependency
allow missing i18nFile option when using i18nLocale
temporarily disable localize for multiple locales
adjust translation parser import paths
augment with serviceworker during localization
i18n app shell with Ivy
enable locale data transform for single localization
don't emit CSS resources during a server build [Closes #12878]
keep licenses if extraction is disabled
i18n with Ivy in universal builder
use project root as translation file base
remove @angular/localize from application if localizing
set locale identifier when localizing
sockPath for custom path
update sourcemaps during localization
normalize extract i18n format option
roll angular app test back to VE
change the `ngComponentDef` to `ɵcmp`
only copy assets outside of webpack when differential loading is needed in build builder [Closes #15825]
avoid attempting to copy directories
re-introduce pure_getters
downlevel with non-loose ECMA compliance [Closes #15673]
don't double process factory files
display accurate sizes for downlevelled files [Closes #15425]
inject correct SRI values in downlevel bundles [Closes #15468]
remove pure_getters [Closes #14316]
workaround Node.js copyFile defect on macOS [Closes #15544]
use manual sourcemap processing for large sourcemaps
always use ECMA 5 optimizations with terser [Closes #15580]
fully optimize script bundles with bundle downleveling [Closes #15507]
make app-shell work with Ivy [Closes #15383]
disable extract comments for webpack terser plugin
fix permission errors for ES5 bundles [Closes #15490]
several issues with optimization and bundleDependencies in universal [Closes #15498]
remove deprecation of `baseUrl` in protractor builder [Closes #13952]
disable top level variable and function name mangling
ensure generator polyfills are present for ES5
add sourcemap comment for ES2015 differential loading (#15461) [Closes #15460]
update worker-plugin to 3.2.0 (#15456) [Closes #15188]
[Closes #14582]
default poll value when not present (#15417)

@angular-devkit/build-ng-packagr (0.900.0)

Commit Description Notes
limit support to version 9.0
add tsickle as optional peer dep

@angular-devkit/build-optimizer (0.900.0)

Commit Description Notes
don't use getImportTslibTransformer [Closes #15401]
scrub ɵsetClassMetadata and ɵɵsetNgModuleScope calls
revert to using TS 3.6
improve quality of sourcemaps
wrap classes which contain empty statements (#16538) [Closes #16509]
update ɵsetClassMetadata call format
don't remove ɵɵsetNgModuleScope calls
remove deprecated testImportTslib
fix error when `__decorate` has no `__metadata`
remove unecessary scrub file checks
don't mark tslib helpers which are suffixed with `$` and a number as pure (#15451) [Closes #15451]
[Closes #15392]
replace multiple tslib helpers (#15400)

@angular-devkit/build-webpack (0.900.0)

Commit Description Notes
correct webpack typings issue
allow runWebpackDevServer to accept a webpackDevServerFactory
proxy config with windows authentication [Closes #14595]
provide more complete compilation stats

@angular-devkit/core (9.0.0)

Commit Description Notes
auto discover multiselect schema prompt types
retain order of types set in allOf, anyOf and oneOf when parsing schema
allow multiselect list defaults [Closes #16104]
json visitors should only set writable properties
track workspace targets with no original collection (#15413) [Closes #15403]

@angular-devkit/schematics (9.0.0)

Commit Description Notes
fix the `isBinary` function
filters out non-NPM dependencies [Closes #13059]
only commit to disk when contents of file changes
use error logger method when there is a workflow error
show spinner for package install
hide install output by default
use NodeWorkflow root to resolve collections

@angular/cli (9.0.0)

Commit Description Notes
support using multiple configurations [Closes #10612]
add support for ng-add packages that should not be saved as `dependencies` [Closes #12003]
[Closes #15764]
[Closes #13237]
allow subclass to override default collection name
create commits per migration during update (#15611)
check/prompt for workspace level analytics configuration (#14264)
add support for custom npmrc paths
change the url for doc search [Closes #16840]
ensure built-in Angular schematics package can be found
prevent postinstall script errors from blocking install
disable Browserslist old data warning
inform user and error if schematics package is in unreachable location (#16466)
migrate and inform users about @angular-devkit/[schematics, core] packages
inform user and error if schematics package is in unreachable location (#16466)
remove alias for deploy command
`ng version` should report if ivy is enabled
improve robustness of Node.js version check
fix package manager warnings when running temporary install
support running a single migration from a package
Renames final message to "Migration completed". (#16016)
clarify ng update outdated message
remove no-bin-links during npm/yarn install [Closes #16133]
Prints out when a commit is made in `ng update`. [Closes #16060]
add link to update guide post running Angular migrations
re-introduce install package using shell spawn (#16112)
disable update commit creation by default [Closes #16013]
use spawned process error when it's available
handle null stderr during npm install
only show add/update package install output on errors [Closes #16014]
[Closes #16027]
remove unneeded git HEAD update message [Closes #16031]
add migration name to commit header
pass next option to all update logic [Closes #16015]
verify package specifier when adding a package [Closes #16029]
skip project analytics prompt when using update [Closes #16012]
don't install using global command but rather install in a different folder
change analytics type to boolean or string
improve statues and description logs during update
updated CLI should not have analytics enabled
scoped project names [Closes #14797]
return success in update execute migrations function
support prerelease CLI versions when bootstrapping update
logic to determine if the installed CLI is out of date
Determine relative paths correctly
ng update log messages printed twice [Closes #15839]
initialize baseUrl variable
do not warn on multiple array option use [Closes #15630]
add browser builder index option longhand form to schema
correctly account for linked packages in update [Closes #15511]
[Closes #15294]
handle promise rejection on analytics install prompt (#15455)

@angular/pwa (0.900.0)

Commit Description Notes
additional public schematic definition

@ngtools/webpack (9.0.0)

Commit Description Notes
update peer dependency support
deprecate `discoverLazyRoutes`, `additionalLazyModules` and `additionalLazyModuleResources` options
don't elide imports for type references that are needed for decorator metadata [Closes #16808]
control the presence of Ivy class metadata and module scope
correctly determine resource dependencies [Closes #16569]
format Ivy diagnostics properly
invalidate ngcc processor cache [Closes #16397]
report diagnostics the same way in type checker
fix rebuilds for transitive and global type deps [Closes #15856]
don't warn on unused ngsummary [Closes #15626]
[Closes #issuecomment-551632356]
recursive look up unused files [Closes #15626]
also elide type references on transform (#16085) [Closes #14617]
only remove decorators in VE (#16086) [Closes #16070]
fix resource dep lookup on windows [Closes #15863]
skip NGCC when file system is read only
don't set ngprogram to null [Closes #15857]
don't delete virtual files for resources still on disk [Closes #15453]
`exportLazyModuleMap` should not be executed in Ivy
don't warn on extra files in errored compilations
only add ctor params to decorated classes (#15416) [Closes #15404]

@schematics/angular (9.0.0)

Commit Description Notes
add packageManager option [Closes #15875]
add tslib as a peerDependencies in library package.json
update @types/node for version 9
update to TypeScript 3.6
remove `@angular/pwa` from depedencies [Closes #15764]
add migration to add new i18n options for Ivy
use ngcc on postinstall (#15801)
add type option to component generator (#15754)
add migration ensure that `tslib` is installed (#15800)
update browser output path when adding universal
use codelyzer@5.1.2
add generator for interceptor
support adding app-shell without specifying `clientProject`
augment universal/app-shell addition for `@angular/localize`
enable scripts optimization for server bundle
add strict compiler option to workspace tsconfig (#14905) [Closes #14694]
remove dependency on tsickle (#15603)
add node types to universal tsconfig (#15594)
add migration to add missing exports in main server file
add export to `renderModuleFactory` in server main file
add export to `renderModule` in server main file
minimal=true should not create tests files when using `ng generate` command
run lazy loading migration for version 9 [Closes #15539]
replace deprecated `TestBed.get` with `TestBed.inject`
add migration for applications tsconfigs
feature PWA in CLI app
add migration to enable AOT by default
add migration for `ngsw-config.json` (#15443)
add migration for dependencies (#15421)
hide universal schematic
update workspace dev dependencies
ivy library migration
remove enableIvy option
introduce Ivy libraries for development
resolve windows paths in tsconfig migration [Closes #16800]
update protractor version for new projects
add compliance with no-any lint rule
add compliance with call-signature lint rule
regression tsconfig.json #16708 (#16709) [Closes #16709]
[Closes #16709]
[Closes #16709]
add `skipLibCheck` to workspace tsconfig
handle aliased or existing environment import (#16377)
blank root leads to wrong path
workaround schematic/json AST issues in 9.0 i18n migration
improve i18n output path option migration
improve paths and exclude options
improve i18n baseHref migration support for direct localize usage
migrate localized base HREF options for 9.0
update @types/jasmine to 3.5 to match version of jasmine-core
when migrating do not set base localize option for builder
migrate project to use new i18n options
add new route before wildcard route
add CanDeactivate guard [Closes #15668]
uniformize guard spec with service spec
only remove `tslib` from package.json when it's not a dependency
remove ngcc postinstall hook
return undefined instead of throw when file is not found
improve cli migration name and description (#16093)
only show `ngsw-config.json` file not find warning when `ngswConfigPath` is defined
migrate module compiler option
warn when target references a missing tsconfig [Closes #16019]
`appendValueInAstArray` should not break JSON when using different formatting
tsconfig creates invalid file references
replace `'**/*.ts` file inclusion with `**/*.d.ts`
disable i18n migrations
universal add outputHashing to media [Closes #15953]
remove unneeded debugElement in test
rename the `ivy-ngcc` command to `ngcc`
update ngcc postinstall command
scroll issue on new app (#15714) [Closes #15596]
drop deprecated tslint rule
add strict option to ng-new
support adding app-shell after nguniversal schematics (#15606)
lazy loading module generation routing module lookup
open twitter link in new tab (#15446)
update tsickle to 0.37.0 (#15430) [Closes #15428]
implements items type for guard schematics (#15412)
add twitter link icon (#15385)
handle existence of un-referenced library prod tsconfig
default interface for guard

@schematics/schematics (0.900.0)

Commit Description Notes
move development depedencies to `devDependencies` section

@schematics/update (0.900.0)

Commit Description Notes
handle peerDependenciesMeta
validate all peer dependencies
missing peer dependencies are now warnings instead of errors
include prerelease peer dependencies with next option
only update peer dependency if out of range

Breaking Changes

@angular-devkit/schematics: remove several deprecated APIs (341b18d)

Removed several deprecated APIs:
  • EngineHost listSchematics has been removed in favour of listSchematicNames.
  • FileSystemSink - Use the new virtualFs.Host classes from @angular-devkit/core.
  • optimize function has been remove as trees are automaticlly optimized.
  • DryRunSink deprecated constructor that allowed to provide a directory path has been removed. Provide a virtualFs.Host instead.

@schematics/angular: remove deprecated `spec` and `styleext` options (e92c46a)

Deprecated `styleext` and `spec` options have been removed. Use `style` and `skipTests` options instead.

@angular-devkit/build-angular: enable bundleDependencies by default for server builder (fb24f30)

bundleDependencies default value has been changed from none to all. This will result in all of node_modules to be bundled in the final server bundle.

Under Ivy, if users choose to opt-out from bundling dependencies they will need to run NGCC binary manually to make non-bundled node_modules compatible with Ivy.

@schematics/angular: hide universal schematic (426c1da)

universal schematic is now hidden and cannot be used with the `ng generate` command.

Users who want a working universal application should use ng add @nguniversal/express-engine or ng add @nguniversal/hapi-engine

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Renovate Bot, Filipe Silva, vikerman, Minko Gechev, Keen Yee Liau, Doug Parker, Cédric Exbrayat, Judy Bogart, Joey Perrott, Vikram Subramanian, Greg Magolan, Alan, arturovt, Amadou Sall, Adam Vigneaux, Cyrille Tuzi, renovate[bot], Santosh Yadav, Pete Bacon Darwin, Daniele Morosinotto, Artur Androsovych, Smartin, Wataru.Kasahara, codingnuclei, FDIM, Igor Minar, timdeschryver, Douglas Parker, Kayla Altepeter, Eusen, Noopur, Michael, Tom Sullivan, George Kalpakas, Leon Radley, Michael Prentice, Muhammad Umair Khan, Nikita Potapenko, TinyMan, FG-33, Elvis Begovic, noeri, Christian Liebel, Wataru KASAHARA, Stefanie Fluin, Simon Jespersen

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