Latest commit 1572270 Sep 12, 2016 @hansl hansl committed on GitHub refactor(all): Repackaging (#2056)
Moving Angular-CLI into `packages/` and building the angular-cli.

The published packages will now have JavaScript only (with their d.ts), instead of being a mix of TypeScript and JavaScript, and it won't have the hacks of having a custom require extension to load the TypeScript.

Our development flow will be more streamlined, tools are going to be better (no more undefined symbols that are actually defined), and the npm packages will boot up way faster (since there's no more compilation during runtime).

Locally nothing changes, use `npm link` and run your local `ng`. Using the `npm` releases though it should be all javascript from the release.

The E2E tests also now uses the `dist` folder output to install in the new E2E app, making sure the process works for an app published to npm.

Note: Even though we're following the lerna structure, we won't be using their tool anytime soon.
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karma.js refactor(all): Repackaging (#2056) Sep 12, 2016