No warning or error on mistake in the attribute "publishAs" of NgComponent definition #413

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Here is a sample code:

  selector: 'my-element',
  templateUrl: 'packages/test/components/my_component/my_element.html',
  publishAs: 'Crtl',
  map: const {
    'comment' : '@comment',

and my_element.html


in that case the Dart Editor runs my app OK, but data binding don't works and there are not any warnings or even errors about using wrong component identifier in template.
I spent a lot of time last night trying to find a what wrong with data bindings with my custom controller :(

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@mhevery I was wondering if publishAs should default to ctrl -- everyone seems to use it anyway.



@mhevery mhevery was assigned Jan 22, 2014
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Good question. Possibly, but not everything needs to be published.

@mhevery mhevery modified the milestone: ProtractorDart, v0.9.7, Scope v2.0 Feb 5, 2014
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OK, the publishAs will go away with the new Scope, since the controller controller will be the scope.

Moving Scope v2.0 milestone

@mhevery mhevery assigned vicb and unassigned mhevery Apr 9, 2014
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@vicb This issue should be closed once we deprecate publishAs in favor of always using the controller as resolution context.

@mhevery mhevery modified the milestone: Controller is Context, v1.0 Apr 16, 2014
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