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Hi, I'd like to start translating to Persian/Farsi. I assume we need to have a discussion about this in order to coordinate the project so I am in. let me start. I will let other developers know about this topic which encourages them to join. I know it's a lot to do and we need a team.

Thanks @naomiblack


Hi, @mhadaily .

I am so happy to translate Angular, I can help you to make better translation.
So let's start!

sareh commented Dec 4, 2016

Hi, @mhadaily, I would like to help with the translation to Farsi. I have been looking at the open issue for the Spanish one as a reference. Do we start with an angular-fa repo and go from there?

mmdsharifi commented Dec 4, 2016 edited

Hi, @sareh, good idea and I agree with you. Dear @naomiblack please create angular-fa repo for Persian translate.


mhadaily commented Dec 5, 2016

@sareh @mmdsharifi, in my perspective, we are still not enough to start guys. The proper repo will be created as soon as we will be able to make sure translating documents can be done as fast as each release or changes. I believe, we need to be patient and wait for more enthusiasts. I am eager just like you, however, it's important to get this done appropriately.

n1arash commented Dec 28, 2016

Hi i'm ready for translating and help persian Angular 2 community ! .

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