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## Two-way binding to $location
The Angular's compiler currently does not support two-way binding for methods (see [issue]( If you should require two-way binding
to the $location object (using {@link input[text] ngModel} directive on an input
field), you will need to specify an extra model property (e.g. `locationPath`) with two {@link ng.$rootScope.Scope#$watch $watchers}
which push $location updates in both directions. For example:
Because `$location` uses getters/setters, you can use `ng-model-options="{ getterSetter: true }"`
to bind it to `ngModel`:
<example module="locationExample">
<file name="index.html">
<div ng-controller="LocationController">
<input type="text" ng-model="locationPath" />
<input type="text" ng-model="locationPath" ng-model-options="{ getterSetter: true }" />
<file name="script.js">
angular.module('locationExample', [])
.controller('LocationController', ['$scope', '$location', function ($scope, $location) {
$scope.$watch('locationPath', function(path) {
$scope.$watch(function() {
return $location.path();
}, function(path) {
$scope.locationPath = path;
.controller('LocationController', ['$scope', '$location', function($scope, $location) {
$scope.locationPath = function (newLocation) {
return $location.path(newLocation);

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