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fix(jqLite): data should store data only on Element and Document nodes

This is what jQuery does by default:

We don't need to set data on text/comment nodes internally and if we don't
allow setting data on these nodes, we don't need to worry about cleaning
it up.

BREAKING CHANGE: previously it was possible to set jqLite data on Text/Comment
nodes, but now that is allowed only on Element and Document nodes just like in
jQuery. We don't expect that app code actually depends on this accidental feature.
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1 parent ea9a130 commit a196c8bca82a28c08896d31f1863cf4ecd11401c @IgorMinar IgorMinar committed with rodyhaddad Jun 4, 2014
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  1. +4 −1 src/jqLite.js
@@ -316,7 +316,10 @@ function jqLiteData(element, key, value) {
if (isSetter) {
- data[key] = value;
+ // set data only on Elements and Documents
+ if (element.nodeType === 1 || element.nodeType === 9) {
+ data[key] = value;
+ }
} else {
if (keyDefined) {
if (isSimpleGetter) {

6 comments on commit a196c8b


@rodyhaddad & @IgorMinar - Isn't this check too late? It will still create the jqLiteExpandoStore object and attach that to the jqCache on line 315


This is the main reason for the leak part of #7913. Here's an example:

    it('should ignore data on non-element/document nodes', function() {
      var calcCacheSize = function() {
        var size = 0;
        forEach(jqLite.cache, function(item, key) { size++; });
        return size;

      var c = jqLite([

      //Methods that depend on data'should', 'not be set');
      c.on('click', noop);


@jbedard - I don't think this is actually the cause of our leak in #7913 - I have a fix in #7942 for that
But I am concerned that this could allow other memory leaks.


@petebacondarwin Either way, shouldn't this nodeType check be in a common location such as jqLiteExpandoStore? I don't think #7942 will fix the test case I have above because .data still creates the expando store (but doesn't put the data in it).


@jbedard - yes I agree I think there is a problem here.
@IgorMinar - what you do think?


yup. you are right. we still create empty objects.

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