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TypeError: Property 'scrollTo' of object [object global] is not a function #2272

ocatteau opened this Issue · 10 comments

It seems there is a problem on Chrome (tested on Mac and Windows - Version 26.0.1410.43 m). You can try on this page :
The backward functionnality also doesn't work anymore. It's certainly due to the same bug.

Here is the stacktrace picked from the console :

TypeError: Property 'scrollTo' of object [object global] is not a function
at g (
at Object.e.$eval (
at Object.e.$digest (
at Object.e.$apply (
at Object.d as invoke
at qb (
at jc (
at HTMLDocument.a (

Thanks !


I get the exact same error trace as long as I have my popup blocker activated ("better popup blocker").


Is there any other way to solve this issue? Asking thousands of customers to turn off their popup blocker isnt really an options. Thanks in advance


I second that: deactivating PopUpBlocker makes that error disappear, but that's not a way to go. I am on Chrome 27.


I have the same issue.. I think this could be a tough problem to solve, because its not directly Angulars "fault", maybe this issue should be discussed with popupblockers devs.


Same problem...


a remedy for this is to just add a script with an empty function before loading angular.js
Like this:
window.scrollTo = function() {};

Edit: comment engine didnt like my script tags :)


I too face this problem in certain Windows machine, not all the machine. But in Mac, it works fine.


I can't reproduce this. Is this still an issue? if so can you create a with a reduction?


In my case the problem is made by Chrome plugin "Better Pop Up Blocker". Earlier it was reported the this error, but now I not see this error in the console.

Last year I discussed about this with Josh David Miller in this post:


Yeah, I've had a similar issue in a completely different project. A fix would be to simply check if .scrollTo() exists and is callable. I think there's a few ad blocker-like extensions that simply remove .scrollTo instead of replace it with a no-op.

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