feat(ng, decorator): Add decorator Method (provider.$decorator) to angular.Module #11305

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Allow for decorators to be added prior to the angular.config process.

Use case: I am working on a project using ui.router and would like to modify the $stateProvide.state service and would like to ensure that my modification will always be applied prior to any angular.config blocks which could contain $stateProvide.state requests.

This would also allow any decorators to be clearly delineated in your code and not lost in a config block.

Replaces Pull Request #11300

@RodneyEbanks RodneyEbanks Add provider.$decorator to angular.Module

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CLAs look good, thanks!

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@RodneyEbanks @netman92 RodneyEbanks + netman92 feat(angular.Module): add `decorator` method
Closes #11305
Closes #11300
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