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Latest commit a460ce4 @gkalpak gkalpak refactor(ngAria): remove redundant '?' in DDO's `require`
It also fixes some dangling links in Accessibility guide.
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auto fix($injector): workaround for MS Edge class detection
e2e fix(ngJq): properly detect when `ng-jq` is empty
helpers test: fix failing tests on MS Edge
ng feat($compile): add one-way binding to the isolate scope definition
ngAnimate docs(ngAnimateChildren) add docs
ngAria refactor(ngAria): remove redundant '?' in DDO's `require`
ngCookies refactor(*): use `isDefined` and `isUndefined` consistently
ngMessageFormat fix(ngMessageFormat): ensure bindings are valid for Protractor
ngMessages docs: fix typos throughout the codebase
ngMock refact(ngMock.$componentController): use $injector instead of adding …
ngResource feat($resource): add support for timeout in cancellable actions
ngRoute fix($route): allow preventing a route reload
ngSanitize fix(ngSanitize): Blacklist the attribute `usemap`
ngScenario docs: fix typos throughout the codebase
ngTouch fix(ngTouch): deprecate ngClick and disable it by default
.jshintrc feat($animate): complete refactor of internal animation code
AngularSpec.js fix(isArrayLike): recognize empty instances of an Array subclass
ApiSpecs.js fix(injector): allow multiple loading of function modules
BinderSpec.js style(*): add rules requireSpace(After|Before)BinaryOperators
jQueryPatchSpec.js refactor(jqLite): stop patching individual jQuery methods
jqLiteSpec.js fix(jqLite): deregister special `mouseenter` / `mouseleave` events co…
jquery_alias.js chore(jshint): enforce jshint for tests
jquery_remove.js chore(jshint): enforce jshint for tests
loaderSpec.js refactor(loader): move component definition code to the `$compileProv…
minErrSpec.js fix(toDebugString): change replacement string
stringifySpec.js fix(toDebugString): change replacement string
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