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Latest commit 5237b1c Jan 12, 2017 @vikerman vikerman committed with mhevery chore(compiler-cli): Move calculateEmitPath into CompilerHost (#13904)
This is so that it can be overriden in an environment specific CompilerHost(like within Google) to customize the output paths.

PR Close #13904
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.github docs(gh): try to improve the issue template (#11891) Sep 30, 2016
docs docs(release-schedule): add release schedule doc (#13827) Jan 11, 2017
modules chore(compiler-cli): Move calculateEmitPath into CompilerHost (#13904) Jan 13, 2017
scripts fix(language-service): support TypeScript 2.1 (#13655) Jan 5, 2017
tools fix(core): Add type information to differs Jan 9, 2017
.bowerrc chore(dgeni): clean up legacy typings bundle creation Oct 29, 2015
.clang-format feat(tooling): Add a .clang-format for automated JavaScript formatting. Apr 2, 2015
.editorconfig chore(.editorconfig): include markdown config Jan 27, 2015
.gitattributes chore: force lf EOL for ts files (#11143) Aug 29, 2016
.gitignore chore(git): cleanup .gitignore Sep 2, 2016
.nvmrc chore(node): allow current node version Sep 19, 2016
.pullapprove.yml chore(owners): configure pullapprove.com Jan 11, 2017
.travis.yml chore(ci): re-enable browserstack tests in ci Oct 20, 2016
CHANGELOG.md docs(changelog): add changelog for 4.0.0-beta.3 Jan 11, 2017
COMMITTER.md chore(docs): update the merge process docs Dec 23, 2015
CONTRIBUTING.md docs(contributing): fix styleguide link and typos (#13198) Dec 5, 2016
DEVELOPER.md docs(developer): add linting section and correct command to verify AP… Jan 3, 2017
LICENSE Update change from Apache to MIT license Jan 8, 2016
NAMING.md refactor(ngProbe): rename to ng.probe Aug 31, 2015
README.md docs(readme): remove incorrect download count badge Oct 5, 2016
SAVED_REPLIES.md docs(saved-replies): order the replies as shown in github (#12153) Oct 7, 2016
TOOLS.md chore(docs): remove sentences for dart (#10781) Aug 17, 2016
TRIAGE_AND_LABELS.md doc: update triage owners for language service and router (#13325) Dec 8, 2016
bower.json refactor(benchmarks): make tree benchmark work again Aug 29, 2016
browser-providers.conf.js ci(browser providers): update browsers in SL and BS (#13431) Dec 13, 2016
build.sh fix(language-service): update to use `CompilerHost` from compiler-cli ( Dec 2, 2016
circle.yml fix(ci): pin version of npm on CircleCI (#12954) Nov 18, 2016
gulpfile.js chore(lint): extend linting to all modules and tools Oct 31, 2016
karma-js.conf.js fix(upgrade): fix `registerForNg1Tests` (#13522) Dec 16, 2016
npm-shrinkwrap.clean.json chore(tslint): update tslint to 4.x (#13603) Dec 27, 2016
npm-shrinkwrap.json chore(tslint): update tslint to 4.x (#13603) Dec 27, 2016
npm-shrinkwrap.readme.md chore(lint): replace gulp check-task with tslint no-jasmine-focus rule Oct 28, 2016
package.json chore(release): cut the 4.0.0-beta.3 release Jan 11, 2017
protractor-e2e.conf.js refactor: add license header to JS files & format files (#12081) Oct 5, 2016
protractor-examples-e2e.conf.js refactor: format and lint code Dec 12, 2016
protractor-perf.conf.js refactor: add license header to JS files & format files (#12081) Oct 5, 2016
publish-packages.sh fix: display framework version on bootstrapped component (#13252) Dec 7, 2016
shims_for_IE.js Revert "refactor: add license header to JS files & format files (#12035 Oct 4, 2016
test-main.js fix: correctly show error when karma fails to load Jan 7, 2017
test.sh refactor(compiler): remove unneeded fields from metadata Nov 28, 2016
tslint.json build(tslint): enable no-inner-declarations (#13316) Dec 8, 2016


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