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* @license
* Copyright Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by an MIT-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file at
import {Inject, Injectable, InjectionToken} from '@angular/core';
import {DOCUMENT} from '../dom_tokens';
import {EventManagerPlugin} from './event_manager';
const EVENT_NAMES = {
// pan
'pan': true,
'panstart': true,
'panmove': true,
'panend': true,
'pancancel': true,
'panleft': true,
'panright': true,
'panup': true,
'pandown': true,
// pinch
'pinch': true,
'pinchstart': true,
'pinchmove': true,
'pinchend': true,
'pinchcancel': true,
'pinchin': true,
'pinchout': true,
// press
'press': true,
'pressup': true,
// rotate
'rotate': true,
'rotatestart': true,
'rotatemove': true,
'rotateend': true,
'rotatecancel': true,
// swipe
'swipe': true,
'swipeleft': true,
'swiperight': true,
'swipeup': true,
'swipedown': true,
// tap
'tap': true,
* A DI token that you can use to provide{@link HammerGestureConfig} to Angular. Use it to configure
* Hammer gestures.
* @experimental
export const HAMMER_GESTURE_CONFIG = new InjectionToken<HammerGestureConfig>('HammerGestureConfig');
export interface HammerInstance {
on(eventName: string, callback?: Function): void;
off(eventName: string, callback?: Function): void;
* @experimental
export class HammerGestureConfig {
events: string[] = [];
overrides: {[key: string]: Object} = {};
buildHammer(element: HTMLElement): HammerInstance {
const mc = new Hammer(element);
mc.get('pinch').set({enable: true});
mc.get('rotate').set({enable: true});
for (const eventName in this.overrides) {
return mc;
export class HammerGesturesPlugin extends EventManagerPlugin {
@Inject(DOCUMENT) doc: any,
@Inject(HAMMER_GESTURE_CONFIG) private _config: HammerGestureConfig) {
supports(eventName: string): boolean {
if (!EVENT_NAMES.hasOwnProperty(eventName.toLowerCase()) && !this.isCustomEvent(eventName)) {
return false;
if (!(window as any).Hammer) {
throw new Error(`Hammer.js is not loaded, can not bind ${eventName} event`);
return true;
addEventListener(element: HTMLElement, eventName: string, handler: Function): Function {
const zone = this.manager.getZone();
eventName = eventName.toLowerCase();
return zone.runOutsideAngular(() => {
// Creating the manager bind events, must be done outside of angular
const mc = this._config.buildHammer(element);
const callback = function(eventObj: HammerInput) {
zone.runGuarded(function() { handler(eventObj); });
mc.on(eventName, callback);
return () =>, callback);
isCustomEvent(eventName: string): boolean { return > -1; }