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Usage Metrics Gathering

You can help the Angular Team to prioritize features and improvements by permitting the Angular team to send command-line command usage statistics to Google. The Angular Team does not collect usage statistics unless you explicitly opt in during the Angular CLI installation or upgrade.

What is collected?

Usage analytics include the commands and selected flags for each execution. Usage analytics may include the following information:

  • Your operating system (Mac, Linux distribution, Windows) and its version.
  • Number of CPUs, amount of RAM.
  • Node and Angular CLI version (local version only).
  • How long each command took to initialize and execute.
  • Command name that was run.
  • For Schematics commands (add, generate, new and update), a list of whitelisted flags.
  • For build commands (build, serve), the number and size of bundles (initial and lazy), compilation units, the time it took to build and rebuild, and basic Angular-specific API usage.
  • Error code of exceptions and crash data. No stack trace is collected.

Only Angular owned and developed schematics and builders are reported. Third-party schematics and builders do not send data to the Angular Team.

Opting in

When installing the Angular CLI or upgrading an existing version, you are prompted to allow global collection of usage statistics. If you say no or skip the prompt, no data is collected.

Starting with version 8, we added the analytics command to the CLI. You can change your opt-in decision at any time using this command.

Disabling usage analytics

To disable analytics gathering, run the following command:

# Disable all usage analytics.
ng analytics off

Enabling usage analytics

To enable usage analytics, run the following command:

# Enable all usage analytics.
ng analytics on


To prompt the user again about usage analytics, run the following command:

# Prompt for all usage analytics.
ng analytics prompt
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