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fix(ivy): unknown property and element checks not working correctly i…

…n IE (#34305)

We have a couple of cases where we use something like `typeof Node === 'function'` to figure out whether we're in a worker context. This works in most browsers, but IE returns `object` instead of `function`. I've updated all the usages to account for it.

PR Close #34305
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crisbeto authored and kara committed Dec 11, 2019
1 parent 9bff8e7 commit 0ff54f23693b971e5898c8c125c0c783f971087f
@@ -271,7 +271,10 @@ function validateElement(
// as a custom element. Note that unknown elements with a dash in their name won't be instances
// of HTMLUnknownElement in browsers that support web components.
const isUnknown =
(typeof HTMLUnknownElement === 'function' && element instanceof HTMLUnknownElement) ||
// Note that we can't check for `typeof HTMLUnknownElement === 'function'`,
// because while most browsers return 'function', IE returns 'object'.
(typeof HTMLUnknownElement !== 'undefined' && HTMLUnknownElement &&
element instanceof HTMLUnknownElement) ||
(typeof customElements !== 'undefined' && tagName.indexOf('-') > -1 &&

@@ -1011,8 +1011,14 @@ function validateProperty(
hostView: LView, element: RElement | RComment, propName: string, tNode: TNode): boolean {
// The property is considered valid if the element matches the schema, it exists on the element
// or it is synthetic, and we are in a browser context (web worker nodes should be skipped).
return matchingSchemas(hostView, tNode.tagName) || propName in element ||
isAnimationProp(propName) || typeof Node !== 'function' || !(element instanceof Node);
if (matchingSchemas(hostView, tNode.tagName) || propName in element ||
isAnimationProp(propName)) {
return true;

// Note: `typeof Node` returns 'function' in most browsers, but on IE it is 'object' so we
// need to account for both here, while being careful for `typeof null` also returning 'object'.
return typeof Node === 'undefined' || Node === null || !(element instanceof Node);

export function matchingSchemas(hostView: LView, tagName: string | null): boolean {

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