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fix(compiler-cli): incorrect metadata bundle for multiple unnamed re-…

…exports (#29360)

Currently if an Angular library has multiple unnamed module re-exports, NGC will
generate incorrect metdata if the project is using the flat-module bundle option.


export * from '@mypkg/secondary1';
export * from '@mypkg/secondary2';

There are clearly two unnamed re-exports in the `public-api.ts` file. NGC right now
accidentally overwrites all previous re-exports with the last one. Resulting in the
generated metadata only containing a reference to `@mypkg/secondary2`.

This is problematic as it is common for primary library entry-points to have
multiple re-exports (e.g. Material re-exporting all public symbols; or flex-layout
exporting all public symbols from their secondary entry-points).

Currently Angular Material works around this issue by manually creating
a metadata file that declares the re-exports from all unnamed re-exports.


This workaround works fine currently, but is no longer easily integrated when
building the package output with Bazel. In order to be able to build such
libraries with Bazel (Material/flex-layout), we need to make sure that NGC
generates the proper flat-module metadata bundle.

PR Close #29360
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devversion authored and matsko committed Mar 17, 2019
1 parent 2ab194c commit 105cfaf5e4af5cc9160b4414d7305fe5de11adee
@@ -180,6 +180,7 @@ export class MetadataBundler {

// Export all the re-exports from this module
if (module && module.exports) {
let unnamedModuleExportsIdx = 0;
for (const exportDeclaration of module.exports) {
const exportFrom = resolveModule(exportDeclaration.from, moduleName);
// Record all the exports from the module even if we don't use it directly.
@@ -202,7 +203,12 @@ export class MetadataBundler {
// Re-export all the symbols from the module
const exportedSymbols = this.exportAll(exportFrom);
for (const exportedSymbol of exportedSymbols) {
const name =;
// In case the exported symbol does not have a name, we need to give it an unique
// name for the current module. This is necessary because there can be multiple
// unnamed re-exports in a given module.
const name = === '*' ?
`unnamed_reexport_${unnamedModuleExportsIdx++}` :;
exportSymbol(exportedSymbol, name);
@@ -422,6 +422,21 @@ describe('metadata bundler', () => {
expect( !['E']).toBeUndefined();

it('should be able to bundle a library with multiple unnamed re-exports', () => {
const host = new MockStringBundlerHost('/', {
'public-api.ts': `
export * from '@mypkg/secondary1';
export * from '@mypkg/secondary2';

const bundler = new MetadataBundler('/public-api', undefined, host);
const result = bundler.getMetadataBundle();
{from: '@mypkg/secondary1'}, {from: '@mypkg/secondary2'}

it('should be able to de-duplicate symbols of re-exported modules', () => {
const host = new MockStringBundlerHost('/', {
'public-api.ts': `

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