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fix(compiler-cli): Pass SourceFile to getFullText() (#33660)

Similar to #33633, this commit is
needed to fix an outage with the Angular Kythe indexer.

Crash logs:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'text' of undefined
    at NodeObject.getFullText (typescript/stable/lib/typescript.js:121443:57)
    at FactoryGenerator.generate (angular2/rc/packages/compiler-cli/src/ngtsc/shims/src/factory_generator.ts:67:34)
    at GeneratedShimsHostWrapper.getSourceFile (angular2/rc/packages/compiler-cli/src/ngtsc/shims/src/host.ts:88:26)
    at findSourceFile (typescript/stable/lib/typescript.js:90654:29)
    at typescript/stable/lib/typescript.js:90553:85
    at getSourceFileFromReferenceWorker (typescript/stable/lib/typescript.js:90520:34)
    at processSourceFile (typescript/stable/lib/typescript.js:90553:13)
    at processRootFile (typescript/stable/lib/typescript.js:90383:13)
    at typescript/stable/lib/typescript.js:89399:60
    at Object.forEach (typescript/stable/lib/typescript.js:280:30)


PR Close #33660
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kyliau authored and kara committed Nov 7, 2019
1 parent c1bd3bc commit 33f6cd47991c386236bcd5e97b8a5733d3d69ce1
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 packages/compiler-cli/src/ngtsc/shims/src/factory_generator.ts
@@ -59,12 +59,12 @@ export class FactoryGenerator implements ShimGenerator {
let comment: string = '';
if (original.statements.length > 0) {
const firstStatement = original.statements[0];
// Must pass SourceFile to getLeadingTriviaWidth(), otherwise it'll try to
// Must pass SourceFile to getLeadingTriviaWidth() and getFullText(), otherwise it'll try to
// get SourceFile by recursively looking up the parent of the Node and fail,
// because parent is undefined.
const leadingTriviaWidth = firstStatement.getLeadingTriviaWidth(original);
if (leadingTriviaWidth > 0) {
comment = firstStatement.getFullText().substr(0, leadingTriviaWidth);
comment = firstStatement.getFullText(original).substr(0, leadingTriviaWidth);

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