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fix(ivy): support ICUs with pipes (#34198)

Prior to this commit, i18n runtime code failed with the exception saying that no provider was found for ChangeDetectorRef for a pipe used in ICU. The problem happened because the underlying `createViewRef` function was not taking into account IcuContainer as a valid TNodeType. This commit updates the `createViewRef` function to return corresponding ViewRef for TNodeType.IcuContainer.

PR Close #34198
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AndrewKushnir authored and mhevery committed Dec 2, 2019
1 parent b712065 commit eae541b6e210bbd9b193df7e1c098f9434ff6d92
@@ -408,7 +408,7 @@ function createViewRef(tNode: TNode, lView: LView, isPipe: boolean): ViewEngine_
return new ViewRef(componentView, componentView);
} else if (
tNode.type === TNodeType.Element || tNode.type === TNodeType.Container ||
tNode.type === TNodeType.ElementContainer) {
tNode.type === TNodeType.ElementContainer || tNode.type === TNodeType.IcuContainer) {
// The LView represents the location where the injection is requested from.
// We need to locate the containing LView (in case where the `lView` is an embedded view)
const hostComponentView = lView[DECLARATION_COMPONENT_VIEW]; // look up
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
// Make the `$localize()` global function available to the compiled templates, and the direct calls
// below. This would normally be done inside the application `polyfills.ts` file.
import '@angular/localize/init';
import {registerLocaleData} from '@angular/common';
import {CommonModule, registerLocaleData} from '@angular/common';
import localeRo from '@angular/common/locales/ro';
import {Component, ContentChild, ContentChildren, Directive, HostBinding, Input, LOCALE_ID, QueryList, TemplateRef, Type, ViewChild, ViewContainerRef, Pipe, PipeTransform, NO_ERRORS_SCHEMA} from '@angular/core';
import {setDelayProjection} from '@angular/core/src/render3/instructions/projection';
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ import {By} from '@angular/platform-browser';
import {expect} from '@angular/platform-browser/testing/src/matchers';
import {onlyInIvy} from '@angular/private/testing';
import {computeMsgId} from '@angular/compiler';
import {BehaviorSubject} from 'rxjs';

onlyInIvy('Ivy i18n logic').describe('runtime i18n', () => {
@@ -1198,6 +1199,41 @@ onlyInIvy('Ivy i18n logic').describe('runtime i18n', () => {
// check that nested ICU is removed if root ICU case has changed

it('should support ICUs with pipes', () => {
idA: '{VAR_SELECT, select, 1 {{INTERPOLATION} article} 2 {deux articles}}',

selector: 'app',
template: `
<div i18n="@@idA">{count$ | async, select, 1 {{{count$ | async}} item} 2 {two items}}</div>
class AppComponent {
count$ = new BehaviorSubject<number>(1);

imports: [CommonModule],
declarations: [AppComponent],

const fixture = TestBed.createComponent(AppComponent);
expect(fixture.nativeElement.textContent).toBe('1 article');

// there is no ICU case for count=3, expecting empty content

// checking the second ICU case
expect(fixture.nativeElement.textContent.trim()).toBe('deux articles');

describe('should support attributes', () => {

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