Enforce - (dash) in component/directive selector to comply with Custom Element spec #5968

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During the kebab-case removal we kept element selectors dasherized because of custom element spec.

Component name remains dash-cased because a dash is required by the custom element spec, which we use for guidance since even after making Angular templates case-sensitive the templates remain valid html5 fragments (although with higher fidelity due to case-sensitivity that only our html parser can see).

Very few people know about the custom element spec and the guarantees the dash gives us, so I think that it would be better to enforce that all directive/component element selectors have at least a single dash in it. There should be a way to opt out via a flag in the Component/Directive metadata, but it shouldn't be on by default.

If someone is unfamiliar with the custom element spec, the benefits of adding a dash to the element name are:

  • the element becomes a custom element - the type of the DOM node is HTMLElement instead of HTMLUnknownElement
  • in case we need it, we can benefit from the :unresolved psedo-class by registering a fake element via document.registerElement
  • the spec guarantees that browsers will not introduce native elements with a dash in the name, meaning that apps won't break in the future should browsers natively implement an element that matches an Angular Component selector (e.g. <icon>)

More info about custom elements.

To make a point how error-prone the current behavior is I'm attaching a screenshot from angular.io front page that uses <todo> element - even we get this wrong from time to time.

screen shot 2015-12-16 at 3 23 11 pm

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update todo app to latest plunker and code #572


angular.io was fixed via angular/angular.io#572


But it's so nice to write the tagname consistent with the class 🤔. Can we still write in camel case with the dash? E.g. foo-myComponent


the element becomes a custom element - the type of the DOM node is HTMLElement instead of HTMLUnknownElement

Is that true? I thought as long as custom elements are not actually registered as such, they stay HTMLUnknownElements if they have a dash or not. E.g. directives in A1 are also all HTMLUnknownElements and don't become CustomElements automatically.

Despite that, I totes agree on enforcing a dash in the selector of components.


@PascalPrecht Created a quick example.

It is as described by Igor (tested in Chrome and Firefox):


@SebastianM Thanks man!

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e-oz commented Jan 26, 2016

HTMLUnknownElement is just interface to mark 'invalid' elements. Sorry for my ignorance in this field, but what benefits HTMLElement gives over HTMLUnknownElement?


I didn't know about the custom component spec. I'll have to major version bump a few of my libraries if this happens.


I'm OK with that. Just wanted to make it obvious. There are lots of tools which would be affected by this change. I only mention it because the only way I found this was by luck of someone posting it to the programming community on Google+. So there are probably lots of affected libraries whose maintainers won't be aware until the first bug report.

This would be a significant backwards compatibility break.

e-oz commented Feb 10, 2016

To answer my own question: I just found [(ngModel)] doesn't work properly with async updates if used inside of components with tag name without dash in IE 11 Win8.1 (works fine in Win10). So now I vote for this change also :)

timruffles commented Jun 2, 2016 edited

One side-effect of the change is that people will not longer see "X isn't a known native property" errors. Currently [someUnknownAttribute] will only throw a Can't bind to 'someUnknownAttribute' since it isn't a known native property for tags without -. At least, that's the behaviour I'm seeing at the mo with kebab-case components.

vicb commented Sep 25, 2016

This would be a huge BC break, we probably do not want that now.

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