fix(forms): fully support rebinding form group directive #11051

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kara commented Aug 24, 2016 edited

This PR makes it possible to rebind the top level FormGroup instance passed to the formGroup directive. Previously, when you'd call someMethod():

   selector: 'my-comp',
   template: `
      <form [formGroup]="form">
         <input formControlName="name">
class MyComp {
   form  = new FormGroup({
     name: new FormControl()

  someMethod() {
    this.form = new FormGroup({
      name: new FormControl()

... the input elements in the UI would become detached from the model because the formControlName directives would still be attached to form control instances from the previous FormGroup. Now you should be able to rebind without this problem.

This has implications for things like FormArrays, where you might have added form controls dynamically. Rebinding the FormGroup can reset these form arrays to their original number of controls.

Fixes #11025 and #10960.

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The form group rebinding works good.
But what if I make the form group after a service async function returning a value (this value would be used to bind to the form)
class AddressFormComponent implements OnInit {

addressForm: FormGroup;
inform: Address;

constructor( private formBuilder: FormBuilder,
             private addressService: AddressService ) {

ngOnInit() {

getAddress() {
        data => this.onAddressRetrieved(data)

private onAddressRetrieved(address: Address) {
    this.inform = address;

    this.addressForm ={
        userName: [this.inform.username, Validators.required],
            street: this.inform.address.street,
            zip: [, Validators.required)],

Right now i got an error 'formGroup expects a FormGroup instance'.

I guess this is because the view is expecting to get a form group instance, but I make this form group instance after a async service (I have to call this service to initiate the form value).

kara commented Aug 25, 2016 edited

@DanielYKPan The FormGroup instance must exist from the start. There's no reason to delay its creation. If you want to set value asynchronously, you can do so as soon as the value is available with setValue() or patchValue().

@kara kara fix(forms): fully support rebinding form group directive
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@kara Oh, I get it. Thank you.


I was actually having issues with your solution because I wanted the FormArray to refresh and not the whole group. I figured I could do something along the lines of formArray = new FormArray([]). This seemed to work, but when I would loop over my options it would say that anything past index 0 didn't exist.

<app-form-input *ngFor="let option of options; let i = index;" [name]="" [formControlName]="i" [error]="submitted && !formHandler.find('formArray').at(i).valid"></app-form-input>

The above code broke whenever I switched to having more than one option. I was able to empty the array using the code below, but it does seem a little awkward.

oldOptions.forEach(o => this.formArray.removeAt(0))
newOptions.forEach(o => this.formArray.push(newFormControl('', Validators.required))

kara commented Aug 30, 2016 edited

@Keith-Ball This PR only applies to rebinding the top-level form group, not nested groups or arrays. That is definitely something we'd like to support down the line, but it's not implemented yet. If you are passionate about that feature, feel free to open an issue with an example plunker. The PR isn't really the right place to track.

Rereading your comment though, it sounds like you are reassigning the form array in your component class, but not in your actual parent FormGroup. If you do that, the parent form won't have a reference to the correct form array because you've reassigned it. What we are planning to support is something like: this.form.setControl('name', new FormArray([]));, where name is the name of your FormArray.

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ThunderRoid commented Nov 18, 2016 edited

This is how i dd it

emailControls: FormArray;
var len = this.emailControls.length;
if (len > 1)
  for (var i = len - 1; i > 0; i--)
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