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@AndrewKushnir AndrewKushnir released this
· 426 commits to main since this release

14.1.0 (2022-07-20)



  • The createNgModuleRef is deprecated in favor of newly added createNgModule one.
  • The bit field signature of inject() has been deprecated, in favor of the
    new options object. Correspondingly, InjectFlags is deprecated as well.


Commit Description
feat - 55308f2df5 add provideAnimations() and provideNoopAnimations() functions (#46793)


Commit Description
feat - 4a2e7335b1 make the CommonModule pipes standalone (#46401)
feat - a7597dd080 make the CommonModule directives standalone (#46469)


Commit Description
feat - 33ce3883a5 Add extended diagnostic to warn when missing let on ngForOf (#46683)
feat - 6f11a58040 Add extended diagnostic to warn when text attributes are intended to be bindings (#46161)
feat - 9e836c232f warn when style suffixes are used with attribute bindings (#46651)


Commit Description
feat - 93c65e7b14 add extended diagnostic for non-nullable optional chains (#46686)
feat - 131d029da1 detect missing control flow directive imports in standalone components (#46146)
fix - 6b8e60c06a improve the missingControlFlowDirective message (#46846)


Commit Description
feat - e8e8e5f171 add createComponent function
feat - b5153814af add reflectComponentType function
feat - 96c6139c9a add ability to set inputs on ComponentRef (#46641)
feat - a6d5fe202c alias createNgModuleRef as createNgModule (#46789)
feat - 71e606d3c3 expose EnvironmentInjector on ApplicationRef (#46665)
feat - 19e6d9ccd3 import AsyncStackTaggingZone if available (#46693)
feat - a7a14df5f8 introduce EnvironmentInjector.runInContext API (#46653)
feat - fa52b6e906 options object to supersede bit flags for inject() (#46649)
feat - af20112222 support the descendants option for ContentChild queries (#46638)
fix - 945a3ad359 Fix runInContext for NgModuleRef injector (#46877)
fix - bb7c80477b make parent injector argument required in createEnvironmentInjector (#46397)


Commit Description
feat - 82acbf919b improve error message for nullish header (#46059)


Commit Description
feat - 53ca936366 Add ability to create UrlTree from any ActivatedRouteSnapshot (#45877)
feat - de058bba99 Add CanMatch guard to control whether a Route should match (#46021)
feat - 6c1357dd7d Add stable cancelation code to NavigationCancel event (#46675)
feat - a4ce273e50 Add the target RouterStateSnapshot to NavigationError (#46731)
fix - abe3759e24 allow to return UrlTree from CanMatchFn (#46455)
fix - e8c7dd10e9 Ensure APP_INITIALIZER of enabledBlocking option completes (#46026)
fix - ce20ed067f Ensure Route injector is created before running CanMatch guards (#46394)
fix - 6a7b818d94 Ensure target RouterStateSnapshot is defined in NavigationError (#46842)
fix - f94c6f433d Expose CanMatchFn as public API (#46394)
fix - e8ae0fe3e9 Fix cancellation code for canLoad rejections (#46752)


Commit Description
feat - e9cb0454dc more closely align UpgradeModule#bootstrap() with angular.bootstrap() (#46214)

Special Thanks

AleksanderBodurri, Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Cédric Exbrayat, Dmitrij Kuba, Dylan Hunn, George Kalpakas, Jessica Janiuk, JiaLiPassion, Joey Perrott, John Vandenberg, JoostK, Keith Li, Or'el Ben-Ya'ir, Paul Gschwendtner, Pawel Kozlowski, SyedAhm3r, arturovt, mariu, markostanimirovic and mgechev