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@alxhub alxhub released this 22 Feb 21:04
· 302 commits to main since this release

15.2.0 (2023-02-22)


  • Class and InjectionToken guards and resolvers are
    deprecated. Instead, write guards as plain JavaScript functions and
    inject dependencies with inject from @angular/core.

Commit Description
docs - 926c35f4ac Deprecate class and InjectionToken and resolvers (#47924)


Commit Description
feat - 54b24eb40f Add loaderParams attribute to NgOptimizedImage (#48907)


Commit Description
fix - 0cf11167f1 incorrectly detecting forward refs when symbol already exists in file (#48988)


Commit Description
feat - a154db8a81 add ng generate schematic to convert declarations to standalone (#48790)
feat - 345e737daa add ng generate schematic to convert to standalone bootstrapping APIs (#48848)
feat - e7318fc758 add ng generate schematic to remove unnecessary modules (#48832)


Commit Description
feat - 4ae384fd61 Allow auto-imports of a pipe via quick fix when its selector is used, both directly and via reexports. (#48354)
feat - 141333411e Introduce a new NgModuleIndex, and use it to suggest re-exports. (#48354)
fix - d0145033bd generate forwardRef for same file imports (#48898)


Commit Description
fix - 2796230e95 add enum in mode option in standalone schema (#48851)
fix - 816e76a578 automatically prune root module after bootstrap step (#49030)
fix - bdbf21d04b avoid generating imports with forward slashes (#48993)
fix - 32cf4e5cb9 avoid internal modules when generating imports (#48958)
fix - 521ccfbe6c avoid interrupting the migration if language service lookup fails (#49010)
fix - a40cd47aa7 avoid modifying testing modules without declarations (#48921)
fix - 1afa6ed322 don't add ModuleWithProviders to standalone test components (#48987)
fix - c98c6a8452 don't copy animations modules into the imports of test components (#49147)
fix - 8389557848 don't copy unmigrated declarations into imports array (#48882)
fix - f82bdc4b01 don't delete classes that may provide dependencies transitively (#48866)
fix - 759db12e0b duplicated comments on migrated classes (#48966)
fix - ba38178d19 generate forwardRef for same file imports (#48898)
fix - 03fcb36cfd migrate HttpClientModule to provideHttpClient() (#48949)
fix - 2de6dae16d migrate RouterModule.forRoot with a config object to use features (#48935)
fix - 770191cf1f migrate tests when switching to standalone bootstrap API (#48987)
fix - c7926b5773 move standalone migrations into imports (#48987)
fix - 65c74ed93e normalize paths to posix (#48850)
fix - 6377487b1a only exclude bootstrapped declarations from initial standalone migration (#48987)
fix - e9e4449a43 preserve tsconfig in standalone migration (#48987)
fix - ffad1b49d9 reduce number of files that need to be checked (#48987)
fix - ba7a757cc5 return correct alias when conflicting import exists (#49139)
fix - 49a7c9f94a standalone migration incorrectly throwing path error for multi app projects (#48958)
fix - 584976e6c8 support --defaults in standalone migration (#48921)
fix - 03f47ac901 use consistent quotes in generated imports (#48876)
fix - ebae506d89 use import remapper in root component (#49046)
fix - 40c976c909 use NgForOf instead of NgFor (#49022)
perf - 4ac25b2aff avoid re-traversing nodes when resolving bootstrap call dependencies (#49010)
perf - 26cb7ab2e6 speed up language service lookups (#49010)


Commit Description
fix - bf4ad38117 remove styles from DOM of destroyed components (#48298)


Commit Description
fix - 25e220a23a avoid duplicate TransferState info after renderApplication call (#49094)


Commit Description
feat - 31b94c762f Add a withNavigationErrorHandler feature to provideRouter (#48551)
feat - dedac8d3f7 Add test helper for trigger navigations in tests (#48552)

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Alex Castle, Alex Rickabaugh, Andrew Kushnir, Andrew Scott, Dylan Hunn, Ikko Eltociear Ashimine, Ilyass, Jessica Janiuk, Joey Perrott, John Manners, Kalbarczyk, Kristiyan Kostadinov, Matthieu Riegler, Paul Gschwendtner, Pawel Kozlowski, Virginia Dooley, Walid Bouguima, cexbrayat and mgechev