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7. Deploy AngularFire to Firebase

0. Build your Angular project for production

Before you can deploy your angular project, you need to build a version with your prod environment variables. Make sure to add your production firebase configuration to the src/environments/ before you build.

# build the angular project, creates a dist folder in your directory
ng build --prod

1. Initializing a Firebase project

You must initialize Firebase Hosting in order to deploy your application. In order to do this, run the firebase init command.

Note: If you haven't installed the Firebase CLI yet, run this command:

npm install --global firebase-tools
  • This command prompts you to enter a public directory. Enter dist (generated by ng build -prod).
  • The command will also ask you if you want to overwrite your index file. Type n since your Angular app includes an index file.
  • This command also prompts you whether to configure the project as a single-page app. Enter y if you're using Angular Router or similar. Otherwise, enter n.

2. Deploy your Project

To deploy your app, simply run firebase deploy!

For more information on Firebase init and deploy commands, check out the Firebase CLI documentation.