Developer Setup

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Getting your environment set up

  1. Make sure you have node installed with a version at least 5.5.0.
  2. Run npm install -g gulp to install gulp.
  3. Run npm install -g yarn to install yarn.
  4. Fork the angular/flex-layout repo.
  5. Clone your fork. Recommendation: name your git remotes upstream for angular/flex-layout and <your-username> for your fork. Also see the team git shortcuts.
  6. From the root of the project, run yarn install.

Building the library

  • To build the library in dev mode, run gulp build:lib.
  • To build the library in release mode, run gulp build:release

Integration within your project.

Developers should read the Fast Start for alternate integration instructions.

Running tests

To run unit tests, run gulp test. To run lint, run gulp lint.

Running benchmarks

Not yet implemented.

Running screenshot diff tests

Not yet implemented.