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Splaktar and mmalerba docs: better support for dark mode in docs and demos (#11381)
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## What is the current behavior?
Button, chips, whiteframe, and tabs demos are significantly broken in dark mode.
This makes testing theme or component changes in dark mode more difficult.
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Issue Number: 
Relates to #11376

## What is the new behavior?
- better support for dark mode in docs and demos
- style anchors to be more readable in dark mode
- fix site-toolbar in dark mode and remove unused styles
- fix supported browsers table in dark mode
- fix button, chips, tabs, whiteframe demos in dark mode

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Latest commit afc2262 Jul 26, 2018



The AngularJS Material Live Docs are generated from the source code. In fact, the AngularJS Material documentation itself uses the AngularJS Material layout, components and themes.

Our build process uses dgeni, the wonderful documentation generator built by Pete Bacon Darwin.

To view the Live Docs (locally):

  1. Install the dependencies using npm install
  2. Build the docs and serve with 'live reload' using npm run docs:watch
  3. Open Browser for http://localhost:8080