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Code reviews for Angular Material

  • Before any coding begins on new, large, or breaking work, a design discussion should take place.
  • All code changes require a review and approval.
  • All behaviors should be covered by unit tests in the same PR.
  • Large changes should be accompanied by corresponding e2e tests in the same PR.
  • Authors should attempt to keep PRs to 200 - 300 line changes.


  1. The code author sends a PR for review. This request should include:
    • A mention of the intended reviewer(s) (e.g., @jelbourn)
    • A high-level description of the change being made.
    • Links to any relevant issues.
    • Screenshots (for visual changes or new additions)
  2. Reviews provide comments and the author responds / makes changes. Repeat until LGTM.
  3. One or more of the reviewers applies the "LGTM" label.
  4. The party responsible for merging PRs will do so.