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md-progress-spinner is a component for indicating progress and activity, matching the spec of Material Design Progress & Activity.

Progress Modes

There are two modes:

  1. Determinate - <md-progress-spinner mode="determinate">
    • Indicates how long an operation will take when the percentage complete is detectable.
  2. Indeterminate - <md-progress-spinner mode="indeterminate"> or <md-spinner>
    • Indicates the user must wait while something finishes when it’s not necessary or possible to indicate how long it will take.


<md-progress-spinner mode="determinate" [value]="myValue"></md-progress-spinner>
<md-progress-spinner mode="indeterminate"></md-progress-spinner>


All progress indicators can be themed to match your "primary" palette, your "accent" palette, or your "warn" palette using the appropriate class.


<md-progress-spinner mode="indeterminate" color="primary"></md-progress-spinner>
<md-progress-spinner mode="indeterminate" color="accent"></md-progress-spinner>
<md-progress-spinner mode="indeterminate" color="warn"></md-progress-spinner>


  • ARIA attributes are applied to the indicator defining the valuemin, valuemax and valuenow attributes.

Upcoming work

  • Adding ARIA attribute for progressbar "for".

API Summary


Name Type Description
color "primary"|"accent"|"warn" The color palette of the progress indicator
mode "determinate"|"indeterminate" The mode of the progress indicator
value number The current progress percentage for determinate indicators