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// This is the root config file where the schematics are defined.
"$schema": "./node_modules/@angular-devkit/schematics/collection-schema.json",
"schematics": {
// Adds Angular Material to an application without changing any templates
"ng-add": {
"description": "Adds Angular Material to the application without affecting any templates",
"factory": "./ng-add/index",
"schema": "./ng-add/schema.json",
"aliases": ["material-shell", "install"]
"ng-add-setup-project": {
"description": "Sets up the specified project after the ng-add dependencies have been installed.",
"private": true,
"factory": "./ng-add/setup-project",
"schema": "./ng-add/schema.json"
// Create a dashboard component
"dashboard": {
"description": "Create a card-based dashboard component",
"factory": "./ng-generate/dashboard/index",
"schema": "./ng-generate/dashboard/schema.json",
"aliases": ["material-dashboard"]
// Creates a table component
"table": {
"description": "Create a component that displays data with a data-table",
"factory": "./ng-generate/table/index",
"schema": "./ng-generate/table/schema.json",
"aliases": ["material-table"]
// Creates toolbar and navigation components
"nav": {
"description": "Create a component with a responsive sidenav for navigation",
"factory": "./ng-generate/nav/index",
"schema": "./ng-generate/nav/schema.json",
"aliases": ["material-nav", "materialNav"]
// Create a file tree component
"tree": {
"description": "Create a file tree component.",
"factory": "./ng-generate/tree/index",
"schema": "./ng-generate/tree/schema.json",
"aliases": ["material-tree"]
// Creates a address form component
"addressForm": {
"description": "Create a component with a address form",
"factory": "./ng-generate/address-form/index",
"schema": "./ng-generate/address-form/schema.json",
"aliases": ["address-form", "material-address-form", "material-addressForm"]