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MdSnackBar is a service, which opens snack bar notifications in the view.


Name Description
open(message: string, actionLabel: string, config: MdSnackBarConfig): MdSnackBarRef<SimpleSnackBar> Creates and opens a simple snack bar notification matching material spec.
openFromComponent(component: ComponentType<T>, config: MdSnackBarConfig): MdSnackBarRef<T> Creates and opens a snack bar notification with a custom component as content.


Key Description
viewContainerRef: ViewContainerRef The view container ref to attach the snack bar to.
role: AriaLivePoliteness = 'assertive' The politeness level to announce the snack bar with.
announcementMessage: string The message to announce with the snack bar.
duration: number The length of time in milliseconds to wait before autodismissing the snack bar.


The service can be injected in a component.

  selector: 'my-component',
  providers: [MdSnackBar]
export class MyComponent {

 constructor(snackBar: MdSnackBar) {}

 failedAttempt() {'It didn\'t quite work!', 'Try Again');