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jelbourn commented Feb 27, 2016 edited

Material Design spec
Angular 1 version

This should also be usable for the list of items in mdSelect and mdMenu.


  • Add static list: #214
  • Add README
  • Add subheader / divider support


  • Nav list


  • Action list
  • Selection list
@jelbourn jelbourn added the feature label Feb 27, 2016
@jelbourn jelbourn added this to the before beta milestone Feb 27, 2016
@jelbourn jelbourn changed the title from md-list to mdList Feb 27, 2016
@jelbourn jelbourn changed the title from mdList to md-list Feb 27, 2016
@kara kara self-assigned this Mar 11, 2016
@jelbourn jelbourn modified the milestone: alpha.2, before beta Mar 17, 2016
jelbourn commented Apr 4, 2016

Everything in alpha.2 milestone is done, moving forward to alpha.3 for more features.

@jelbourn jelbourn modified the milestone: alpha.3, alpha.2 Apr 4, 2016

Moving remaining work to alpha.6

@jelbourn jelbourn modified the milestone: alpha.6, alpha.3 Apr 21, 2016
@jelbourn jelbourn modified the milestone: alpha.8, alpha.6 May 25, 2016
tarlepp commented Oct 14, 2016

Hmm, what is the correct way to override some md-list css definitions? It seems like I can't any overrides to work as I expected eg.

.container {
  md-list .md-list-item,
  md-list a[md-list-item].md-2-line .md-list-item,
  md-nav-list .md-list-item,
  md-nav-list a[md-list-item].md-2-line .md-list-item {
    background-color: red !important;
    height: auto !important;
ross-nordstrom commented Oct 15, 2016 edited

Have you tried the /deep/ selector?

tarlepp commented Oct 15, 2016

@ross-nordstrom hmm that seems to work, thanks a lot! I think there should be some mentioning of this.

@jelbourn jelbourn modified the milestone: alpha.8 Nov 1, 2016
asaph26 commented Nov 23, 2016

@jelbourn Any updates on when the remaining features will be added?

riankol commented Nov 28, 2016

I miss the opportunity to add "Least distinguishing content", as mentioned here under the heading of "Content". When do you expect this functionality is likely to be completed?

@jelbourn jelbourn assigned crisbeto and unassigned kara Dec 6, 2016
jelbourn commented Dec 6, 2016

@crisbeto for the <md-action-list>

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