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None yet

Blocked on both #113 and #84

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md-chips #120

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pramttl commented Jun 29, 2016

Any updates on this?

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Hi! If both issues are close, how this is not being updated? Is it being developed?


It's in early stages of development


Thanks you! 😄


Is regarding autocomplete support on popular text editors?


This issue is in regards to the Material Autocomplete which you can view at

gozek commented Oct 21, 2016

is there an estimation regarding the release ? thanks a lot!

nkwood commented Oct 21, 2016

@EladBezalel @topherfangio Is there anything on md-autocomplete that might be good for community contribution at this time? I didn't see anything on md-autocomplete in the design documents, except for the references in the design doc for md-input and the hooks in md-input.

I think there may be a few people that are willing to contribute here, but if there has already been significant design progress that hasn't made it into the publicly available design docs it doesn't make any sense to duplicate that effort.


@nkwood We are currently still in the design phase for this component and are trying to come to a consensus on the structure and API we plan/want to support.


if someone needs autocomplete made in Angular 2 you can have a look here:
here is a plunker demo:
I've made it based on examples from here:

Feel free to update/improve it


@creativedeveloper-net I can see the list of the possible values, however I'm unable to select any.


@michaeljota thanks for the input, could you please add it as an issue here:
and please describe which browser do you use etc thanks in advance

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alan345 commented Dec 15, 2016

is there an estimation regarding the release ? thanks a lot!

kkjf02 commented Dec 15, 2016

is there an estimation regarding the release ? thanks a lot! (2)


is there going to have the ability to add new items that are not part of the suggestions ? or you can only select what is in the "Suggestions". I would prefer if we have the ability to do both?


it would be cool if one could bind to the current input value. Currently I am using md2-autocomplete by @dharmeshpipariya
But since it is not possible to get the input value from there I use jquery events
userChange(event: JQueryEventObject) { if (event) { this.userInputText = $(event.currentTarget).val().toLowerCase(); this.onChange(event); } }

To have a "new item" item would be awesome like here:

bendg25 commented Jan 9, 2017

Is there an early release of this available?

istiti commented Jan 9, 2017

any ETA?

istiti commented Jan 11, 2017

I'm trying to implement autocomplete (for personal use):

Why I can't change my input model from my directive ? How can I achieve this ?


ehegnes commented Jan 18, 2017

@bendg25 Please consider tracking changes to the code to determine release progress. This GitHub search query may help you.

@istiti, @alan345, @kkjf02 ETA inquiries are generally not conducive to improving development efforts.

@istiti With respect to your autocomplete implementation, please consider posting such questions to another platform (Stack Overflow, for example). Your implementation is not germane to this issue.

kara commented Jan 19, 2017 edited

Also worth noting anyone who's interested can follow the autocomplete board here.

alan345 commented Jan 20, 2017

@kara Thanks Kara

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