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md-data-table #224


Current status: in the initial design / prototyping phase.

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md-button Conflicting with Material2 MdButton #254


Hi @jelbourn, @hansl, with Angular 2.0 nearing release our interest in a data-table component is waxing... Do you have an update that you could share? TIA

entzik commented Sep 16, 2016 edited

desperately waiting for this and the date picker... an update would be highly appreciated. thanks!

s3ppo commented Sep 29, 2016

any news on this? :)


Waiting for this too...


when will be the except release of data-table?

memark commented Oct 11, 2016

Any hint on when development might be started on this?


We are an fairly impatient bunch aren't we (myself included)? I wonder if there is something we can do to help rather than just keep pining for updates. As it stands I think this component is still fairly far down on the priority list behind common things like menus, text areas, dialogs, etc. As you can see here:

I desperately want this as well. But it might be a while unless we can do something to help.


There's a non-official angular material called ng2-material which contains a very nice md-data-table

I'm using temporary in my projects.


is ng2-material compatible with the latest version of material ?

leocaseiro commented Oct 18, 2016 edited

@FatherDougal, there's a beta version that seems compatible:

yarn add --save ng2-material@beta


npm install --save ng2-material@beta

Update: The ng2-material@0.8.1 has been just released and it's compatible


They have just release a new version in the past 24hours


Any status/update on this... Think most apps want use this


any update for data table? Thanks. :)

da45 commented Nov 13, 2016

meanwhile, I am using Twitter Bootstrap,

istiti commented Dec 21, 2016

No news here?!?

ori-ht1 commented Dec 21, 2016 edited

md-data-table will be essential to a wide scope of apps. @jelbourn you must be very busy with beta.0 but can you please give us an update on the roadmap of md-data-table? It is very much appreciated.


Towards the end of 2016 we might have more to say on the subject.

radoslavpetranov commented Jan 2, 2017 edited

So glad data tables will find their way into material this time. I used DevExpress for data tables with Angular 1. DevExpress have created a truly outstanding product - their table is more or less an excel table in a browser in terms of data visualization. Having said that, even though the material table will most probably be significantly less powerful (at least at first) I'm so glad I no longer will have to rely on external libraries for this. Thank you ng team!


Any News about availability ?

istiti commented Jan 9, 2017

any news here

@jelbourn jelbourn assigned andrewseguin and unassigned hansl Jan 11, 2017

Any news?


When there's an update it will be here.

istiti commented Jan 13, 2017 edited

@jelbourn awesome!hope with virtual-repeat

yusijs commented Jan 19, 2017

@jelbourn is the design process open somewhere, or is that phase just internal discussions?


Just prototyping / planning at this stage.

yusijs commented Jan 20, 2017

Alright, thanks. Looking forward to the result ☺


Looking forward to material2 data-table.

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