Virtual scrolling helpers / utilities. #823

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jelbourn commented Jul 6, 2016

Similar to the md-virtual-repeat in Angular Material 1.

@jelbourn jelbourn added the feature label Jul 6, 2016

Would be good to implement dynamic height (angular/material#4314)

istiti commented Sep 24, 2016 edited

Does someone know a repo do this virtual scroll instead of ngFor ? Today we have a very large set of data, it's primordial to begin/HAVE this feature instead of something like "tooltip" or so ! @jelbourn Displaying big data is important today please begin with something hard instead of "tooltip"



@istiti Polymer has <iron-list> Here and Demos Here

Please recognize that you are asking about a feature that most projects don't need/use and is a technical challenge to put into a library in a fully formed, universal way... You could probably write your own version, but it might not be what I would need...

Tooltip is a super easy use case for portals and overlay's which are core to everything from menu's to dialogs so is rather simple to release and common enough that most use cases fit.

The link you gave has a link to his source code and it's only 400ish lines. I bet you could make a ng2 version and contributing it back to the community for free would be awesome!

istiti commented Oct 6, 2016 edited

@DennisSmolek "Infinite scrollers pop up all over the internet. Google Music’s artist list is one, Facebook’s timeline is one and Twitter’s live feed is one as well"
IMHO infinite scroll is technik people need to have to discharge their DOM! Still more today we have big data.


Impossible to get iron list working (very comlpicate) if you have an github repo doing virtual Dom, you're welcome

istiti commented Nov 9, 2016

yes but this add more complexities to my app ... really a bad choice but I find angular2-data-table which do work very awesome thanks

istiti commented Nov 26, 2016



I've ported the old one and wonder if I there's some form of spec available so I can align my implementation with it. The mdVirtualRepeat is almost (as in line-to-line) the same, but structural repeater had to be made by scratch based on ngFor and mdVirtualRepeat.

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