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ng-closure-runner Build Status

Wraps Google Closure Compiler for AngularJS-specific compile passes


ng-closure-runner is a lightweight runner around the Google Closure Compiler. For a complete description of how Closure Compiler works, refer to the source code and javadoc. Refer to src/org/angularjs/closurerunner/ as an example of how to write a custom compiler pass.

We use Gradle to build. You'll need a current JDK (version 1.6 or higher). To compile and run the tests:

$ gradle check

Submissions should include corresponding tests.


Releases should be handled by the core Angular team.

To create a new release:

  1. Run gradle distZip.
  2. Commit the updated file in assets/
  3. Create a tag pointing to the commit.
  4. In Angular, update the reference in bower.json to use the new tag.
  5. That's it! You're done.