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cnishina deps(protractor): update to protractor 5.1.0 and use yarn (#36)
- update deps to use protractor 5.1.0
- update other node dependencies
- add yarn locks
- update circle ci to use yarn
Latest commit fe86aef Feb 1, 2017



npm install
  • Installs node modules
    • Protractor node module with TypeScript support
  • Installs ambient typing dependencies.

Testing with TypeScript

npm test
  • Transpiles TypeScript
  • Runs webdriver-manager update to download the ChromeDriver
  • Runs the test directly with ChromeDriver


Currently, Protractor typings do not include selenium-webdriver ambient typings. There is also an ambient typings file for Protractor on Definitely Typed. Although this does not match up with the current API, this ambient typings file can still be used to write Protractor with TypeScript.