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  • (9d69a81) deps(typescript): use typescript@~2.0.0 (#4062)

    • move noCF tests to install and fix reference to protractor
    • changed element.ts to not use keyof
    • remove gulp task tsc:spec


Blocking proxy

Blocking Proxy is a new experimental feature in Protractor 5 and is behind the --useBlockingProxy or blockingProxyUrl. See the lib/config.ts#L100. Other ways to start blocking proxy include using the --highlightDelay and --webDriverLogDir flags See lib/config.ts#L501.

This adds two options, both of which are implemented with Blocking Proxy. --webDriverLogDir will create a readable log with timing information of webdriver commands in the specified directory.

--highlightDelay will pause before clicking on elements or sending keys. While paused, the element that's about to be affected will be highlighted.


Webdriver-manager will now by default grab the latest versions of all binaries (standalone, chromedriver, iedriver, gecko driver). Use the --versions.(binary name) to pin to a specific version. Selenium standalone 3.0.1 has a bug which prevents it from working with any version of FireFox. We have tested version 3.0.0-beta4 and know that it works with FireFox 51, and we expect that the 3.0.2 release will also work.

TypeScript support

For jasmine users, in order to get all the type declarations that are used in jasminewd2, you'll need to install @types/jasminewd2 in addition to @types/jasmine as dev dependencies.


  • (0cd156d) feat(debugging): Add webdriver logging and highlight delay. (#4039)

    This adds two options, both of which are implemented with Blocking Proxy. --webDriverLogDir will create a readable log with timing information of webdriver commands in the specified directory.

    --highlightDelay will pause before clicking on elements or sending keys. While paused, the element that's about to be affected will be highlighted.

  • (3d98a16) feat(config): Support setting SELENIUM_PROMISE_MANAGER flag via the config (#4023)


  • (4e40fb1) feat(browser): chain promises in browser.get (#4017)


  • (33393ca) feat(browser): chain some promises in lib/browser.ts + return promise from waitForAngularEnabled (#4021)

    Minor breaking change since waitForAngularEnabled no longer returns a boolean Part of angular#3904 Chaining browser.get has proved surprisingly complex, so I'll do that in a different PR Also fixed a minor bug in lib/clientsidescripts.js while debuging

  • (7cb9739) feat(browser.ready): make browser.ready wait for all async setup work (#4015)


  • (b77cb92) feat(restart): browser.restart should return a promise (#4008)

    Also allows browser.restart to work when the control flow is disabled, and fixes it for forked browsers.

    Closes #3899 and #3896

  • (4a59412) feat(angularAppRoot): Replace rootEl with browser.angularAppRoot() (#3996)

    Replace browser.rootEl with browser.angularAppRoot(), which changes the root element in a promise on the control flow. Note that browser.rootEl will immediately return the current value, but browser.angularAppRoot() will return a promise that resolves during the next step in the control flow.

    Also update to BlockingProxy 0.0.3, which allows changing rootSelector.

  • (879aac6) chore(blockingproxy): Allow using a pre-existing Blocking Proxy instance (#3970)

  • (bf123ad) feat(elements): Add isPresent() to ElementArrayFinder. (#3974)

Bug Fixes

  • (f9bee84) fix(restart): preserve waitForAngularEnabled on restart and add promise chaining

    I noticed I missed waitForAngularEnabled in #4037. This commit fixed that.

    While I was at it I fixed a minor error where the promises implicitly created by setting rootEl and ignoreSynchronization weren't getting chained properly.

    Also fixed minor (so minor I think it was impossible to trigger) where browser.plugins_ could be undefined.

  • (0b0c224) fix(plugins): do not force ManagedPromise in plugins.ts (#4036)

  • (9c2274d) fix(restart): preserve properties like browser.baseUrl upon restart (#4037)

    I also fixed a minor issue where internalRootEl wasn't being set when blocking proxy was being used. I also just cleaned up our internal uses of this.rootEl.

    Closes #4032

  • (a20c7a7) fix(element chaining): make element chaining work when the control flow is disabled (#4029)

    Also added some tests to spec/ts/noCF/smoke_spec.ts double checking that the control flow is off

  • (7481dee) fix(cli): Make unknown flag check a warning instead of an error. (#4028)

  • (40bbeca) fix(expectedConditions): Add tests and fix race conditions around visibility (#4006)

    Add test cases to reproduce the missing element race conditions possible in expected condition methods visibilityOf, textToBePresentInElement, textToBePresentInValue and elementToBeClickable.

    Add error handler falseIfMissing to all expected conditions that depend on the presence of an element.

    Expected conditions check the presence of an element before other checks, but when an element is removed exactly in the moment after the isPresent and before isDisplayed in visibilityOf the condition used to fail.

    This solution does not handle missing elements in (isEnable, isDisplayed, isSelected) and focused only on expected conditions (see #3972)

    This problem was also referenced in #3578 and #3777

  • (5856037) fix(cli): Allow frameworks to specify flags they recognize. (#3994)

    Fix for #3978. Our initial plan to allow setting --disableChecks with an environment variable is insufficient, since the custom framework isn't even require()'d until after the config is parsed. This moves the unknown flag check into the runner, and gives frameworks a way to specify extra flags they accept.

  • (e68dcf1) fix(driverProviders): Check config in the right place. (#3991)

  • (eb89920) fix(driverProviders): Handle promise rejection when starting selenium (#3989)

    Fixes #3986. Also error if jvmArgs isn't an array.

  • (8d2fc07) chore(browser): deprecate browser.getLocationAbsUrl(). (#3969)

    Closes #3185

  • (15a1872) fix(firefox): Fix directConnect for Firefox 51+ (#3953)

  • (81f56a4) fix(cli): display disableChecks option in extra flags error message (#3964)

  • (6a4dc7a) fix: no longer use es6 let statement (#3963)

    • Currently in Protractor v5 the Angular detection script uses ES6 features like the let modifier.

    This can break Protractor on browsers, which doesn't support those statements.


  • (528338c) fix(expectedCondition): fix NoSuchElementError in visibilityOf due to a race condition (#3777)

    Handle NoSuchElementError in the expected condition visibilityOf, which occurred when an element disappears between the isPresent() and isDisplayed() check.


  • (5899b67) deps(update): update webdriver-manager to ^12.0.1 (#4042)

    Running webdriver-manager update will now by default grab the latest versions of all binaries (standalone, chromedriver, iedriver, gecko driver). You can continue to pin to a specific versions using the command line option. Example webdriver-manager update 2.20. As of this release the latest versions are:

    • gecko v0.14.0
    • selenium-standalone 3.0.1 is the latest jar file; however, we recommend 3.0.0-beta4. See note below on Firefox support.
    • chromedriver 2.27
    • iedriver 3.0.0

    A note on FireFox support: Selenium standalone 3.0.1 has a bug which prevents it from working with any version of FireFox. We have tested version 3.0.0-beta4 and know that it works with FireFox 51, and we expect that the 3.0.2 release will also work.

    closes #4033

  • (cd084a0) deps(jasmine): update jasmine to ^2.5.3 (#3960)


This version includes big changes around upgrading to selenium-webdriver 3.0.x. See the selenium-webdriver changelog.

For the 5.0.0 release, we are still using the selenium standalone server 2.53.1 and recommend using Firefox 47. Firefox 48+ currently is not supported.

Breaking Changes

  • Minimum node version is now 6.9.x.
  • When testing with Firefox 47, use the capability option marionette: false to use the legacy Firefox driver.


    capabilities: {
      browserName: 'firefox'


    capabilities: {
      browserName: 'firefox',
      marionette: false
  • We moved @types/jasmine to a devDependency. This means that Jasmine TypeScript users will need to include the @types/jasmine as a project dependency. This is to avoid conflicts for users that prefer mocha typings.


    "dependencies": {
      "@types/jasmine": "^2.5.38"
  • Selenium-webdriver methods removed: WebDriver.prototype.isElementPresent, WebElement.prototype.getRawId, WebElement.prototype.getInnerHtml, and WebElement.prototype.getOuterHtml.


    let isPresent = browser.driver.isElementPresent(By.tagName('a'));
    let i = element(locator).getInnerHtml();
    let o = element(locator).getOuterHtml();


    let isPresent = element(By.tagName('a')).isPresent();
    let i = browser.executeScript("return arguments[0].innerHTML;", element(locator));
    let o = browser.executeScript("return arguments[0].outerHTML;", element(locator));
  • Selenium-webdriver ErrorCodes have been removed.

  • Adding cookies have been changed:


    browser.manage().addCookie('testcookie', 'Jane-1234');


    browser.manage().addCookie({name:'testcookie', value: 'Jane-1234'});
  • Removed protractor.wrapDriver().
  • You can no longer use repl command from within browser.pause(). Instead, use browser.explore() to directly enter the repl.
  • Sending flags that are not recognized by the CLI throws an error. Since flags are a subset of all configuration options, these errors can be silenced with --disableChecks.
  • Auto-detection of the root element. This is a breaking change because it changes the default root element behavior and removes the config.useAllAngular2AppRoots flag. Modern angular apps now default to using all app hooks, and ng1 apps now check several places, notably the element the app bootstraps to.
  • sauceProxy configuration field has been removed. Use webDriverProxy instead.


    sauceProxy: 'http://sauceProxy'


    webDriverProxy: 'http://sauceProxy'


  • (ec93c4a) chore(cli): breaking change throw errors on unknown flags (#3921)

    Unknown flags are options sent that is unrecognized by the CLI. For users that encounter this error but would like to silence it, use: --disableChecks.

    closes #3216

  • (bc58332) feat(rootEl): breaking change auto-detect the root element better (#3928)

    This is a breaking change because it changes the default root element behavior and removes the config.useAllAngular2AppRoots flag. Modern angular apps now default to using all app hooks, and ng1 apps now check several places, notably the element the app bootstraps to.

    closes #1742

  • (604fdbf) cleanup(config): breaking change Remove redundant sauceProxy config (#3868)

    Removes the sauceProxy config field, and uses webDriverProxy when creating the SauceLabs client.

  • (9465b9f) feat(mobile): add extended wd commands for appium (#3860)

    Also had to make some minor changes to the website to handle longer inheritance chains Closes

  • (0e26b21) feat(blockingproxy): Add synchronization with BlockingProxy. (#3813)

    This adds support for BlockingProxy behind the flag --useBlockingProxy.

    If set, the driver providers will start a proxy during their setup phase, passing the selenium address to the proxy and starting a webdriver client that talks to the proxy.

    Starting a proxy for each driver provider isn't strictly necessary. However, when we run with multiple capabilities it's easier to handle the logging if each Protractor instance has it's own proxy.

    Known issues:

    • Doesn't work with directConnect. You can get the address of chromedriver by mucking around in Selenium internals, but this probably changed for Selenium 3.0 and I doubt it's worth figuring out until we upgrade.
    • Doesn't yet work with webDriverProxy (but it's an easy fix)
  • (ca4f1ac) chore(driverProviders): add warnings to extra driver provider parameters (#3873)

    • builds the driver provider in lib/driverProviders/index instead of lib/runner closes #1945
  • (681b54a) refactor(browser): Remove protractor.wrapDriver() breaking change (#3827)


    Users could create their own selenium driver instance and enable Protractor on it like so:

    let capabilities =;
    let driver = new webdriver.Builder().usingServer(seleniumAddress)
    let browser = protractor.wrapDriver(driver);

    Over the years, wrapDriver() has become increasingly broken as Protractor needs extra configuration options that wrapDriver() doesn't set.


    This method is removed. If users need a new browser instance, they can use browser.forkNewDriverInstance().

  • (86fd569) feat(ngUpgrade): Auto detect ngUpgrade apps and make the ng12Hybrid flag unnecessary for most users (#3847)

Bug fixes

  • (de153e7) fix(launcher): running getMultiCapabilities should reject on errors (#3876)

    closes #3875

  • (1345137) fix(isElementPresent): for un-wrapped WebElements, browser.isElementPresent was broken (#3871)

    Closes #3864

  • (4af3b2e) fix(element): Fix typing of ElementFinder.then (#3835)

    Type then as optional on ElementFinder.


  • (4d87c9c) deps(update): update tslint and @types/selenium-webdriver (#3941)

    • use @types/selenium-webdriver ~2.53.39
    • fix for tslint

    closes #3939

  • (7376708) deps(tslint): set tslint to ~4.2 (#3938)
  • (cb38ed0) Refactor element explorer to work with selenium-webdriver 3 (#3828)

    This implementation now relies mostly on promises explicitly, so the control flow is only used to add one large task to the queue. This should pave the way for the eventual removal of the control flow, as well as getting element explorer to work immediately.


    You can no longer use the repl command from within browser.pause(). Instead, use browser.explore() to directly enter the repl.

  • (8196059) chore(dependency): switch to webdriver-manager 11.1.0 and remove 2.26 from circle.yml (#3865)
  • (397bf65) deps(update): move @types/jasmine to devDependencies (#3795)

    • update outdated dependencies
    • move @types/jasmine to devDependencies closes #3792
  • (a3e8b43) deps(selenium-webdriver): upgrade to selenium 3 (#3781)

    Please see the selenium-webdriver changelog

    • Removed method WebDriver.prototype.isElementPresent
    • Removed method WebElement.prototype.getRawId
    • Removed getInnerHtml and getOutterHtml

    • Dependency required for upgrade: use jasminewd2@0.1.0.

    • Selenium-webdriver requires node version 6+, updating travis and circle yml to use node 6 and 7.

    • Use instanceof selenium-webdriver error instead of error code. Selenium-webdriver error codes have been deprecated.

    • Use executor with selenium-webdriver from lib/http. Deferred executor has been deprecated.

    • Fix quitting driverProviders. When calling webdriver.quit, the control flow is shutdown and will throw an error.
    • Driver provider for direct connect has been modified to use ServiceBuilder and to call the Service to createSession
    • Note: Since this upgrade is still using FF 47, direct connect for Firefox is required to pass "marionette: false" in the capabilities. If you do not pass marionette to false, it will look for gecko driver in the PATH.
    • Added a TODO to support FF after 48+ with direct connect and gecko driver.

    • Updated browser.manage().addCookie('testcookie', 'Jane-1234'); to use browser.manage().addCookie({name:'testcookie', value: 'Jane-1234'});

    • Updated debug commons for breakpoint updated to selenium-webdriver lib/http line 432.

    • For mocha tests, selenium-webdriver/testing uses the global it and cannot be reassigned as Protractor's global it. Some code has been copied / modified to lib/frameworks/mocha to make this work.

    • Capabilities for Firefox 47 requires setting marionette to false.

    • Setup still requires selenium standalone server 2.53.1 for Firefox tests. Firefox version used is 47.
    • Using selenium standalone server 3, with Firefox 48+ tests fail with gecko driver still do not work.
    • Selenium standalone 3 + FF 49 + gecko driver 0.11.1 does not work
    • Selenium standalone 3 + FF 48 + gecko driver 0.11.1 appears to work for a single test but after it quits, selenium standalone no longer works with firefox. When firefox 48 exists, logs show the following:

      20:01:14.814 INFO - Executing: [delete session: e353fa1b-e266-4ec3-afb3-88f11a82473a])
      [GFX1-]: Receive IPC close with reason=AbnormalShutdown
      [Child 30665] ###!!! ABORT: Aborting on channel error.: file /builds/slave/m-rel-m64-00000000000000000000/build/src/ipc/glue/MessageChannel.cpp, line 2052
      [Child 30665] ###!!! ABORT: Aborting on channel error.: file /builds/slave/m-rel-m64-00000000000000000000/build/src/ipc/glue/MessageChannel.cpp, line 2052
  • (eb31c9c) deps(types): update @types/selenium-webdriver dependency (#3886)

    Fixes issue #3879 and adds the protractor.Key.chord method


Bug Fixes

  • (83694f5) fix(types): update for selenium-webdriver types creating transpile errors (#3848)

    • pin package.json to a specific version of @types/selenium-webdriver
  • (ea09be4) fix(jasmine): Return the full test name in Jasmine test results. (#3842)

    Fixes #3510

  • (76cb4b4) fix(element): Fix typing of then function (#3785)

  • (5a12d69) fix(config): cucumberOpts.require should be an optional Array of strings (#3817)

    • Both cucumber options require and format now support string or string[] see #3822 #3817
    • Remove no longer available options and fix dryRun type
    • Update comment for dryRun


  • (b337a8e) feat(config): add seleniumServerStartTimeout (#3791)


  • (688f5d6) deps(update): update vrsource-tslint-rules and webdriver-manager (#3856)

  • (c437fd3) deps(selenium-webdriver): clean up types selenium-webdriver (#3854)


Bug Fix

  • (c3978ec) fix(revert): element(locator).then should not appear in the docs and change reverted. (#3808)

    • change comments to not be in JSDoc format
    • reverts change element(locator).then


Bug Fixes

  • (742f264) fix(driverProviders): quit forked instances w/ local driver provider (#3787)

    • fix driver provider quit session to not throw error and quit
    • should fix sauce labs test, enabling expected conditions test with forked instance
    • checked that chromedriver does not persist in the background
    • add local driver test with forked instance to test suite
    • organize attach session and local specs to driverProviders directory closes #3780, closes #3779, closes #3772
  • (7d481d6) fix(ExpectedConditions): non-static ExpectedConditions for browser (#3766)

    • Update sauce lab binary to run on travis.
    • Disable expected conditions test that forks the browser. This issue appears to not be specific to sauce labs. Also can reproduce this with a local driver provider. Additional work is required around driver providers and the runner.
    • Add TODO to enable test in the future when this is resolved. closes #3761



  • (6ebee72) feat(config): Add 'random' and 'seed' jasmine config options (#3467)

Bug Fixes

  • (2048182) docs(timeout): Update timeout error message and docs (#3723)

  • (f3938f9) fix(jvmArgs): fixes jvmArgs launching selenium from config (#3698)

    closes #3697

  • (21d534f) fix(types): Make element.then()'s signature more broad. (#3719)

  • (e9061b3) chore(types): make plugins.ts more strongly-typed (#3685)

  • (f42e0b3) fix(globals): Resolve exported globals dynamically. (#3716)

    fixes #3677

  • (d7fa744) fix(util): Fix adding stack traces to Errors thrown as strings (#3687)


  • (a1c8a23) chore(deps): Downgrade jasmine to 2.4.1 (#3715)

    Upgrading to 2.5.2 causes #3606. We'll need to wait on a fix for jasmine/jasmine-npm#95 before upgrading.



  • (7083426) feat(hybrid): set ng12hybrid flag in the config (#3452)

Bug Fixes

  • (b67d8eb) fix(restart): typescript fix for browser.restart (#3658)

    closes #3648

  • (6626ce7) fix(launcher) Ignore uncaught exceptions from webdriver. (#3608)

  • (5cef1bf) Explicitly remove newlines from getText() (#3618)

    MSEdge does not properly remove newlines, which causes false negatives when using textToBePresentInElement()


  • (c11945a) deps(outdated): webdriver-manager and @types updated

    • webdriver-manager 10.2.6 uses the latest chromedriver, version 2.25


This version includes a breaking change to the TypeScript import statement. Please see the feature below.


  • (5034c89) feat(typescript): move typescript variable instances from protractor/… (#3565)

    Breaking change for TypeScript: Instead of importing globals like browser from protractor/globals, import from protractor.


    import {browser, element} from 'protractor/globals';
    import {ElementFinder} from 'protractor';
    describe('my app', () => {
     myElement: ElementFinder;
     beforeEach(() => {
       myElement = element(by.css('foo'));


    import {browser, element, ElementFinder} from 'protractor';
    describe('my app', () => {
     myElement: ElementFinder;
     beforeEach(() => {
       myElement = element(by.css('foo'));

    Closes #3564


Bug Fixes

  • (58459a9) fix(types): do not publish built/globals.d.ts (#3546)

    • do not publish built/globals.d.ts
    • remove type interface for HttpProxyAgent and set to to any



  • (a68dd3f) deps(jasmine): lower jasmine version down to 2.4.1 (#3540)

    • upgrading to 2.5.x no longer logs jasmine output


Bug Fixes

  • (d18bba3) fix(types): remove relative path used for @types/node and @types/jasmine (#3535)


closes #3533

  • (4e7e8ec) deps(outdated): update types/q and jasmine (#3525)


  • (9d5edbe) chore(node): require the minimum node version 4.2.x required by selenium-webdriver (#3534)


In this version, there are several small changes that affect TypeScript users from the previous version 4.0.4. Here are some of the steps to resolve any transpiling errors:

  • In your package.json, use TypeScript 2.0.0. This will allow Protractor to use the @types/node and @types/jasmine installed in node_modules.
  • Remove jasmine and node from your typings.json since these types are already included via @types. If these were the only ambient typings installed, remove the typings.json file.
  • If you still have a typings.json file, remove typings directory and install a fresh set of ambient typings with: typings install.


  • (30102fb) feat(util): Allow more verbose logging with multiple sessions (#2985). (#3499)

Bug fixes

  • (c5cc75b) fix(logger): Set the log level based on the config at startup. (#3523)

    Fixes #3522. Also fix the mocha spec to stop yelling at us about ES6 arrow functions.

  • (c7fff5e) fix(jasmine): Pass control flow to Jasminewd (#3519)

    Fixes #3505 and #2790, which is caused by JasmineWd and Protractor using different controlflow instances

  • (64b4910) fix(debugger): Fix issues when calling pause() multiple times (#3501) (#3504)

  • (143c710) chore(types): webdriver typings for elements and browser (#3513)

    • include node and jasmine dependency to built/index.d.ts
    • update example and spec/install to not need @types/jasmine and @types/node to install
    • add more selenium-webdriver to gulp task
    • added an interface in globals for Error to include a code and stack
    • improve webdriver typings to elements and browser
  • (8ca9833) fix(mocha): Wrap it.only with the selenium adapter. (#3512)

    Fixes #3045. Since mocha 2.4.1, we should be wrapping

  • (f23d027) chore(types): webdriver typings for locators (#3507)

    • temporarily add typings for selenium-webdriver.d.ts
    • include selenium-webdriver dependency to built/index.d.ts
    • add webdriver typings to locators
    • update example and spec/install to not use typings.json
    • spec test updated to get the tsc test to pass
    • includes clang formatting fixes
  • (e0b151a) fix(launcher): Handle uncaught exceptions that are strings. (#3506)

    Also clean up instances where we were throwing strings instead of Errors.



  • (c5faf08) feat(browser): auto-unwrap ElementFinder into WebElement for selenium funtions (#3471)

  • (a379b33) feat(plugins): support onPrepare in plugins (#3483)


  • (d10bc99) deps(outdated): update types/q and saucelab

  • (4252000) deps(types): typescript and typings dependencies (#3485)

    • remove typings dependency, scripts, and gulp task
    • add @types dependencies
    • clean up globals.ts from npm publishing
    • add declaration flag for tsc globals gulp task
    • ignore globals.d.ts from tsconfig and .gitignore closes #3484


Bug fixes

  • (5f690fe) fix(export): export selenium-webdriver (#3433)

    • rename to ProtractorBrowser to be able to export selenium-webdriver Browser as Browser
    • export all selenium-webdriver items and subfolders in ptor
    • update dependency tests for selenium
    • add tests when protractor is installed closes #209227
  • (27f7981) fix(config): fix interface for functions such as onPrepare (#3434)

    closes #3431


Bug fixes

  • (767d552) fix(types): typescript global reference and type declaration fixes (#3424)


Bug fixes

  • (ee8ec91) fix(element): set variables to public in constructor (#3417)

    closes #3414

  • (7266902) fix(sauce): sauceAgent passed incorrectly to sauce node module (#3415)

    closes #3410

  • (828e80c) fix(browserstack): mark test suite as failed/passed on BrowserStack (#3409)

    closes #3256

  • (71532f0) fix(hybrid): add flag specifying that an app is an ng1/ng2 hybrid (#3403)

    Needed for angular2 after rc2

  • (2a3a0dc) fix(exports): fix type exports and require('protractor') exports (#3404)

    • fix(package): set main to ptor instead of browser
    • fix(exports): fix type exports and require('protractor') exports
  • (b2eaa29) fix(types): output plugin typings (#3389)

    • output plugin typings
    • change ProtractorPlugin to an interface
    • doc clean up closes #3365
  • (d2145b1) fix(launcher): output uncaught exception error (#3390)

    • split out message and stack to hopefully provide more information to the error closes #3384
  • (d7cf42e) fix(protractor): export class definitions under the protractor namespace (#3393)

    closes #3377

  • (2e83dcd) fix(types): add webdriver.promise and webdriver.WebElement to namespace (#3392)

    • fix(types): add webdriver.promise and webdriver.WebElement to namespace closes #3391

    • fix(protractor): export class definitions under the protractor namespace closes #3377

  • (dcbc832) fix(types): use protractor from global namespace (#3388)

  • (ee038f9) fix(error message): do not crash of thrown error has made stack readonly (#3372)


This version includes some big changes, so we've decided to make it version 4.0!

  • webdriver-manager is now it's own NPM, so you can use it in your own projects. Protractor depends on it, though, so you shouldn't need to change anything. However, because it is a new dependency you'll need to rerun webdriver-manager update.

  • Protractor has TypeScript typings! See the example for details on how to use TypeScript in your tests.

Breaking changes

  • (d932ad7) chore(browser): rename protractor to browser and add a protractor namespace (#3214)

    • added wrapDriver method from the browser.ts and ExpectedConditions to the protractor namespace
    • imported selenium webdriver ActionSequence, Key, promise, Command, and CommandName to the protractor namespace
  • Selenium Webdriver has deprecated getInnerHtml and getOuterHtml. You'll need to update your tests to not use these methods.

  • Protractor node module no longer has a config.json file. This is now handled in the webdriver-manager node module and the files are also downloaded to the webdriver-manager/selenium folder.

Bug fixes

  • (d6910c1) fix(edge): Use resetUrl about:blank for MicrosoftEdge (#3267)

  • (f205518) fix(launcher): resolve promise for getMultiCapabilities (#3195)

    closes #3191

  • (f149bd1) fix(docs): Change extension for docs links to .ts (#3187)

    closes #3170

  • (67474e0) chore(configParser): allow non-glob file pattern (#2754)

    Cucumber allows line numbers to be passed in the filename in the form of features/some.feature:42. Glob expanding that results in an empty array and nothing being passed to the framework runner. This change checks for glob magic characters and only tries expanding it if found. Otherwise it just passes the filename verbatim. This was previously handled in [#2445] by stripping the line number first, but this is a more generic (non-cucumber) way to do it. Glob needed to be upgraded for this which resulted in a weird npm 3 bug. Removing the rimraf package resolved this. It was only used to generate documentation which itself was removed a while ago.

  • (f311320) fix(website): edit getText JSDoc for shortDescription (#3310)

    closes #3233

  • (ba63a92) fix(util): check stack exists before filtering the stack trace (#3309)

    closes #3224

  • (c86acd4) chore(website): fix website for items to appear properly (#3314)

    • Fix order for website (see #3163. Does not include $ / $$)
    • Replace @return with @returns so descriptions will appear
  • (e9b49f2) fix(config): do not flatten capabilities (#3291)

    This is no longer necessary in the latest version of selenium-webdriver. Without this change, --capabilities.chromeOptions.binary will do nothing, for example. Closes #3290


  • (78f3c64) chore(exitCodes): adding exit code for browser connect errors (#3133)

    • add exit code for browser connect errors
    • add exit code for browserstack error
    • add browser error for debug with multiple capabilities
    • use thrown stack traces for errors (instead of creating new ones) with captureStackTrace
    • allow for errors to suppress exit code for config parser thrown error
  • (85209f4) feat(webdriver): extract webdriver-manager into a separate node module (#3068)

    closes #607, #2402

    • Removed the config.json. This will be managed now by webdriver-manager.
    • Wedriver-manager downloads the file to the node_modules/webdriver-manager/selenium folder. This will no longer appear in the protractor directory.
  • (8316917) feat(expectedConditions): adding urlIs and urlContains (#3237)

    • adding urlIs and urlContains
    • tests for UrlIs and UrlContains

Dependency Upgrades

  • (4353069) deps(outdated): Update outdated dependencies (#3251)

    Updated the following outdated packages: body-parser, chai, chai-as-promised, glob, jshint, mocha, request, saucelabs, typescript, typings

  • (a6cae73) deps(selenium): upgrade to selenium-webdriver 2.53.2 (#3223)

    closes #3173, closes #3167, closes #3058

  • (128f8e1) dep(webdrivermanager): upgrade to 10.1.0 (#3312)


  • (2a391bc) chore(es7): async/await example

  • (bb65e5a) chore(website): clean up documentation (#3334)

    • Remove getInnerHtml and getOuterHtml from inherited WebElement docs.
    • Remove some of the goog.provide. Only one is required to build the website.
  • (f5dc4f9) chore(example): add a protractor typescript example (#3323)


The Protractor Website API docs have been streamlined. We've also, internally, moved to using TypeScript and building down to JS! Also, the logger has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • (6f22d5a) fix(bootstrap): fix bootstrap for older versions of angular

    Trying to use the debug label for fails for versions of angular older than 1.2.24. See #3115

  • (bd78dfc) fix(protractor): isPresent() should work with out of bounds errors (#3108)

  • (88dd568) fix(NoSuchElementError): add 'new' keyword to instantiate class

    The class NoSuchElementError is called without the new keyword in the ElementArrayFinder.prototype.count causing a Class constructors cannot be invoked without 'new'

    closes #3079


  • (afdd9d7) feat(logger): improve logging methods (#3131)

  • (5fa94db) feat(exitCodes): adding exit codes for configuration file errors (#3128)

  • (76861fd) feat(element): equals

    Easier to use version of webdriver.WebElement.equals

  • (582411b) feat(driverProvider/sauce) Add build id as a configurable option

Dependency Upgrades

  • (b4d1664) deps(jasminewd2): bump jasminewd2 to 0.0.9

  • (b6f1a63) feat(protractor): Shows locator used when a timeout occurs

  • (de4b33e) feat(webdriver): Added NO_PROXY environment variable support to webdriver-manager

    closes #3046


This release is a hotfix for webdriver-manager iedriver

Bug Fix

  • (c6a3b5e) fix(webdriver) - fix file type for internet explorer driver file

  • (d3bd170) fix(bootstrap): enable debug info before setting defer label

    Note that in most cases, this should not have surfaced as an issue because the base test mock modules will also try to turn on debug info.

    Closes #3009


This release is a hotfix for modules that require protractor

Bug Fix

  • (6e02934) fix(package): Update module main in package.json to use built.



  • (cae175c) feat(plugins) Calculate skipAngularStability dynamically.

    This allows plugins to turn Protractor's default synchronization on and off as needed.

  • (7372267) feat(webdriver): add support for custom versions for selenium, chrome driver, and ie driver

  • (1cbbe4f) feat(config): no globals option

  • (9608201) feat(typescript): adding typescript to protractor

    Converting a 3 files over to typescript.

    Adding an npm prepublish step that will use gulp to download the typings, transpile the files with tscto the built/ directory and copy the rest of the javascript files from lib/ to the built/ folder.

    Also adding scripts to package.json for npm run tsc and npm run tsc:w for transpiling help.

  • (a4a7209) feat(plugins): skipAngularStability

Dependency Upgrades

Bug Fixes

  • (a2c7a4b) fix(config): Do not sort spec keys

    Fixes #2928


Bug Fixes

  • (4db52f2) test(config): add test for config files using only per-capability specs

    To prevent bugs like #2925 in the future.

  • (edfb52f) fix(configParser): use all the suites if no other spec sources are provided


Dependency Version Upgrades


  • (3f3805f) feat(attachSession): attach protractor to existing webdriver session

    Attaching an existing selenium browser session to protractor rather than always creating new one. The session can be passed into the config file as a string via the sessionId.

  • (b693256) feat(webdriver): allow configuration of all SeleniumServer arguments

    You can now pass a complete object of configuration for the SeleniumServer class. This allows enabling loopback on the selenium server.

  • (148f020) feat(protractor): Add support to allow Protractor to test an Angular application which has debugging info disabled

    Currently Angular application which for performance reasons, have debug information turn off cannot be tested. This PR allows users to add the Angular debug logging flag to the Protractor run.

  • (aa5ceb5) feat(webdriver): add support for selenium webdriver proxy

  • (b110ed9) feat(debugger): allow multiple browser.pause()

    After this change, you can put multiple browser.pause() in the code. Each browser.pause() is like a traditional breakpoint.

    To detach from the debugger, press ^D (CTRL+D). This will continue code execution until it hits the next browser.pause() or code finishes running.

    This PR also fixes a number of small formatting issues.

  • (fb10c5c) feat(webdriver): Allow users to use webdriver's disableEnvironmentOverrides

    Fixes #2300

  • (fa0c692) feat(config): allow onComplete to return a promise

    Closes #1944

Bug Fixes

  • (f533341) bug(driverProvider): fix driver path generation for *nix platforms

    Makes error messages better


We're releasing version 3.0 with some breaking changes. In summary - Jasmine 1.3 is removed, only Jasmine 2 is now supported, old Node.JS support is dropped, and plugins now need to be explicitly required. Full details below.

Dependency Version Upgrades


  • (97e6703) feat(protractor): Add protractor.prototype.restart

  • (2007f06) feat(protractor): add flag to stop protractor from tracking $timeout

  • (a40a4ba) feat(ElementArrayFinder#get): Implemented ability to pass promise as index to ElementArrayFinder#get

  • (a54c0e0) feat(plugins): Add config option to disable logging of warnings in console plugin

    Running tests in multiple browsers ends up printing out a lot of useless warnings I'm already aware of. To make skimming through logs in the case of an actual failure easier, I want to be able to disable the logging of warnings in the console plugin.

  • (7015010) feat(driver providers): Add BrowserStack support.

    Also added BrowserStack to CI

Bug Fixes

  • (7cba4ec) fix(ng-repeat): properly detect the end of an ng-repeat-start block

    Discovered while investigating issue #2365

Breaking Changes

  • (2bde92b) chore(jasmine): remove jasmine 1.3

    and update docs. Also, use jasmine 2 for running all Protractor's unit tests.

    BREAKING CHANGE: Now, both jasmine and jasmine2 frameworks use jasmine 2.3. Users still using jasmine version <2 will have to upgrade.

  • (18e1f71) chore(webdriver): upgrade Protractor to webdriver 2.48.2

    BREAKING CHANGE: 1) Users will no longer be able to use node versions <4. 2) There is significant changes to the control flow, and tests may need to be modified to be compliant with the new control flow. See

  • (ac1e21e) chore(plugins): Split first party plugins into seperate repos


    The Accessibility, NgHint, Timeline, and Console plugins are now located in their own separate node modules. You will need to explicitly require each module you use. See for info for each module.

  • (ddb8584) chore(cucumber): Remove cucumber from internal implementation


    Cucumber has been community maintained for a while, and in order to allow it to move faster, it is no longer part of the core Protractor library. It is now published on npm under protractor-cucumber-framework and will require setting frameworkPath in your configuration file. See for full instructions on use now.


This release is a hotfix for node 0.10 support

  • (039ffa7) fix(configParser): Remove path.parse so protractor works with node < v0.12

    Closes #2588


This release contains a hotfix for windows path issues and early support for Angular2 apps


  • (c5d37c2) feat(lib): add useAllAngularAppRoots option

    This allows waiting for all angular applications on the page, for angular2 apps only.

  • (f246880) feat(lib): add support for waiting for angular2

    Use Angular2's testability API, if present, when waiting for stability or loading a page.

    Closes #2396

Bug Fixes

  • (d6aebba) fix(config): Fixes absolute path parsing in windows

    This allows absolute paths absolute paths in to be properly parsed in windows. This should maintain the line-number feature introduced in ff88e without breakage.

  • (04e5bfb) chore(runner): make plugins optional param for createBrowser


This release contains only a version update to selenium-webdriver, webdriver javascript bindings, and associated bug fixes.

Dependency Version Upgrades

  • (9a202ab) chore(dependencies): update selenium-webdriver to 2.47.0

    Along with it, update jasminewd2 to avoid situations where the control flow gets locked up and hangs.

    Potential Breaking Change:

    This is passing all existing Protractor tests, but there is a possibility that the changes to the control flow will cause some test flows to hang. If this causes issues, such as tests hanging or commands executing out of order, please revisit your use of functions affecting the control flow, such as flow.execute.

    See the selenium-webdriver changelog at

Bug Fixes

  • (f034e01) fix(synchronizing): use the same control flow when ignoring sync

    Previously, the order of frames and tasks on the control flow was different depending on browser.ignoreSynchronization. This fixes the inconsistency by creating an empty task when ignoreSynchronization is true.

    Practically, this fixes the polling spec failing after the update to selenium-webdriver@2.47.0.


This release contains updates which fix some issues with dependencies that had gotten stale. However, it does not yet contain an update to the selenium-webdriver dependency, because of potential breaking changes. That update will be done in a separate Protractor@2.4.0 release. See issue 2245.

Dependency Version Upgrades


  • (c989a7e) feat(webdriver-manager): add --ie32 commandline option

    The new option allows to download the 32-bit version of the IE driver on a 64-bit system, as the 64-bit version has been broken for over a year now (the sendKeys() function works very slowly on it).

  • (ff88e96) feat(cucumber): Allow cucumber tests containing line numbers


    specs: [

Bug Fixes

  • (1487e5a) fix(protractor.wrapDriver): allow browser instances to work even if they were not set up through the runner

    Fixes #2456

  • (2ff7a07) fix(Chrome Accessibility Plugin): resolving the location of AUDIT_FILE

  • (f9b0a92) fix(debugger): Fix potential debugger lockups


Breaking Changes

  • If you use the plugin API, it has changed a lot. See docs/ for details. The good news is that it is being taken out of beta, so it should be more stable in the future.

Dependency Version Upgrades

  • (786ab05) chore(dependencies): update request to 2.57

    Closes #2205


  • (f2a11a7) feat(plugins): Changed and expanded the plugin API

    • Changed the plugin API so that it is more uniform (see docs/
    • Updated existing plugins to the new API
    • Added the onPageLoad and onPageSync entry points for plugins for modifying browser.get
    • Added the waitForPromise and waitForCondition entry points for plugins for modifying waitForAngular
    • Added tests

    This closes #2126 and helps out @andresdominguez

  • (aded26b) feat(webdriver-manager): update download logic with streaming

    Also adds a content length check to make sure the downloaded binaries are the correct size. This seems to fix up some unreliable download issues that we were previously having.

  • (7aeebd6) feat(plugins): reporting loaded plugins

  • (6c10378) feat(protractor): expose pending $http and $timeout on a timeout

    Now when a test times out while waiting for Angular to be stable, pending $timeout and $http tasks will be reported to the console.

Bug Fixes

  • (c30afdd) fix(test): fixed tests under npm test

  • (3508335) fix(element): ElementArrayFinder.count was slow

    The bug fix for #1903 ( was causing ElementArrayFinder.prototype.count to be slow because of the extranous checks that must be performed. However, the checks could be delayed into the isPresent check, which will mitigate this issue


  • (b147033) fix(by.exactRepeater): should split by "="

    Closes #2335

  • (4c9886b) fix(Chrome Accessibility Plugin) No error context

    If your tests fail because of StaleElementReferenceError then there is no context about where this is coming from. By having the failure be handled inside of the plugin then grunt can fail gracefully. Additionally, this provides context about where the error originated from.

    Fixes #2331

  • (d15ccdc) fix(phantomJS): Reset URL cannot be a data url for PhantomJS

    When trying to use the lates version of Angular with PhantomJS we get a message complaining about "Detected a page unload event". This was fixed in earlier versions of Angular, see issue #85, but reappeared now. The problem is that using data urls to reset the page causes this issue, so we have to do as we do with Safari and use "about:blank" instead

  • (e6369ac) docs(tutorial): use Jasmine v2 in the tutorial

  • (e60dc0f) fix(browser.refresh): use timeout in milliseconds

    When invoked without arguments browser.refresh used a 10-millisecond timeout, wrongly documented as seconds. It now delegates timeout handling to browser.get, which defaults to DEFAULT_GET_PAGE_TIMEOUT (10 seconds).

  • (0262268) fix(cucumber): fix beforeFeature event handler call guard

    Fixes the run failures reported in


Dependency Version Upgrades


  • (45341c9) feat(explorer): allow element explorer to start as a server

    If element explorer is run with a port (i.e. --debuggerServerPort 1234), it will start up a server that listens to command from the port instead of a repl that listens to process.stdin.

  • (cf9a26f) feat(plugins): allow plugins.postTest to know what test just ran

  • (0f80696) feat(plugins): inline plugins

  • (de49969) feat(debugger): make element explorer work with node 0.12.0

    Node has changed its debugger significantly in 0.12.0, and these changes are necessary to get it to work now.

    Specifically here are the key points to take note:

    • Before, the process continues running after process._debugProcess(pid); is called, but now, the process stops.

      To over come this, the call to process._debugProcess(pid) is moved from protractor into the debugger client. Secondly, because the process stops after the call, we call reqContinue once the debugger connection is established, so that protractor continues into the first break point (for backwards compatibility, we added an extra empty webdriver command so that in earlier versions of node, protractor doesn't go past the first break point from the reqContinue).

    • Before repl provides '(foobar\n)' when an user inputs 'foobar'. Now it is just 'foobar\n'.

      We will parse and strip away both the parenthesis and '\n' to support all versions of node.

    • Additionally (non-related to node 0.12.0), this change makes debugger processes fail fast if the port is taken.

  • (7b96db0) feat(browser.get): Return a promise that handles errors in browser.get

Bug Fixes

  • (815ff5d) fix(jasmine2): be consistent about passing assertions in output JSON

    See #2051

  • (e6e668c) chore(jasmine): update jasminewd2 to 0.0.4

    This improves the control flow schedule messages for debugging and fixes an issue with the this variable inside tests. See

  • (e599cf3) fix(taskscheduler): label sharded tasks with numbers instead of letters

    Letters run into a problem with a maximum of 26. See #2042

  • (fda3236) fix(config): add sauceAgent property to protractor config

    Closes #2040

  • (fa699b8) fix(debugger): fix 'getControlFlowText()' broken in webdriver 2.45

  • (b783dd8) fix(browser): remove subsequent duplicate module

    browser.removeMockModule() misses next duplicate module because of iteration over an array it's modifying.

  • (e3d4ad1) fix(stacktrace): remove jasmine2 specific stacktraces

  • (3cded9b) fix(locators): escape query in byExactBinding


    Closes #1918

  • (e18d499) fix(cucumber): process no-snippets param for cucumber framework


Why is this change version 2.0? Protractor is following semver, and there's some breaking changes here.

Dependency Version Upgrades


  • (997937d) feat(console plugin): Added new console plugin

  • (ef6a09d) feat(webdriver-manager): allow a custom cdn for binaries

    Added a cdn value for each binary to be overrided by the cli argument alternate_cdn.

Bug Fixes

  • (fb92be6) fix(accessibility): improve output for long elements

    Instead of just printing the first N characters of the element's template, print the first and last N/2.

    See #1854

  • (2a765c7) fix(element): return not present when an element disappears

  • (8a3412e) fix(bug): by.buttonText() should not be effected by CSS style

    Closes issue #1904

  • (5d23280) fix(debugger): fix issue where output does not display circular dep and functions

  • (ef0fbc0) fix(debugger): expose require into debugger

Breaking Changes

  • (34f0eeb) fix(element): update to selenium-webdriver@2.45.1 and remove element.then

    This change updates the version of WebDriverJS (selenium-webdriver node module) from 2.44 to 2.45.1. See the full changelog at

    To enable the update and remove confusion, this removes the element().then function unless there is an action result. This function is completely unnecessary, because it would always resolve to itself, but the removal may cause breaking changes.


    element(by.css('foo')).then(function(el) {
      return el.getText().then(...);



    In other words, an ElementFinder is now no longer a promise until an action has been called.


    var el = element(by.css('foo'));
    protractor.promise.isPromise(el); // true
    protractor.promise.isPromise(; // true


    var el = element(by.css('foo'));
    protractor.promise.isPromise(el); // false
    protractor.promise.isPromise(; // true

    Also, fixes filter and map to work with the new WebDriverJS.

  • (3c04858) chore(config): remove deprecated chromeOnly

    This has been replaced with directConnect.

  • Due to (1159612)

    Due to changes in how scheduling works on the control flow, specs in Jasmine1 will no longer wait for multiple commands scheduled in onPrepare or in the global space of the test file.


    onPrepare: function() {
      // This second command will not finish before the specs start.

    To fix, return the last promise from onPrepare:


    onPrepare: function() {
      return browser.get('');
  • Due to (1159612)

    Due to changes in WebDriverJS, wait without a timeout will now default to waiting for 0 ms instead of waiting indefinitely.


    browser.wait(fn); // would wait indefinitely


    browser.wait(fn, 8000) // to fix, add an explicit timeout

    This will be reverted in the next version of WebDriverJS.


Dependency Version Upgrades


  • (54163dc) feat(a11yPlugin): plugin for integrating with Chrome Accessibility Developer Tools

    Also includes missing Angular map files. See plugins/accessibility/index.js for usage.

  • (658902b) feat(plugins): add postTest hook for plugins

    Additionally, add some tests to make sure that plugins can fail properly.

    Closes #1842

  • (13d34c9) feat(a11yPlugin): add support for

  • (5f8cffd) feat(plugins): allow plugins to export a name for use in reporting

Bug Fixes

  • (aabdd56) fix(debugger): breakpoint isn't set properly for windows

  • (361ae21) fix(plugins): add a 'test' or 'fail' string to plugins

    Closes #1843

  • (847e739) fix(webdriver-manager): unzipping ie driver should overwrite old version


Dependency Version Upgrades

  • (2658865) feat(webdriver): bump chromedriver to 2.14

    Chromedriver 2.14 contains support for accessing elements inside the shadow DOM.


  • (d220ecf) feat(locators): add by.deepCss selector for finding elements in the shadow dom


    equivalent to 'element(by.css('* /deep/ .foo'))
  • (324f69d) feat(locators): add by.exactRepeater

  • (eb9d567) feat(frameworks): add support for custom frameworks


    exports.config = {
      framework: 'custom',
      frameworkPath: '/path/to/your/framework/index.js'
  • (9bc1c53) feat(expectedConditions): add helper library for syncing with non-angular apps


    var EC = protractor.ExpectedConditions;
    var button = $('#xyz');
    var isClickable = EC.elementToBeClickable(button);
    browser.get(URL); browser.wait(isClickable, 5000); //wait for an element to become clickable;

    You can also customize the conditions:

    var urlChanged = function() {
      return browser.getCurrentUrl().then(function(url) {
        return url != '';
    // condition to wait for url to change, title to contain 'foo', and $('abc') element to contain text 'bar'
    var condition = EC.and(urlChanged, EC.titleContains('foo'),
        EC.textToBePresentInElement($('abc'), 'bar'));
    $('navButton').click(); browser.wait(condition, 5000); //wait for condition to be true.
    // do other things
  • (fb099de) feat(elementExplorer): Combine browser.pause with elementExplorer

    • reuse logic for browser.pause for elementExplorer
    • introduce browser.enterRepl
    • allow customization of driver for elementExplorer
    • fix bug where repl cannot return an ElementFinder (related #1600)

    Closes #1314, #1315

  • (9def5e0) feat(runner): add browser.getProcessedConfig method

    Now, instances of the browser object have a getProcessedConfig method which returns a promise that resolves to the current Protractor configuration object for the current runner instance. This means that if multiCapabilities are being used or tests are sharded, getProcessedConfig will return an object with the capabilities and specs property specific to the current instance.

    Closes #1724

Bug Fixes

  • (ccb165d) fix(webdriver-manager): unzipping chromedriver should override old version

    See #1813


Bug Fixes

  • (92c5d17) fix(element): test crashes when using certain locators with fromWebElement_

    Protractor crashes when one uses locators with findElementsOverride (i.e. any custom protractor locator like by.binding/repeater/etc) in map/filter/then/each/reduce



  • (1e60a95) feat(frameworks): add jasmine2 framework

    Jasmine2.x may now be used by setting framework: jasmine2 in your config. See

  • (0b93003) feat(jasmine2): add 'grep' option to jasmine2

    Allow users to filter the specs that they want to run using simple string match. To use this feature, either: 1) specify jasmineNodeOpts.grep in your conf.js file or 2) via commandline like "protractor conf.js --grep='pattern to match'"

  • (4368842) feat(wddebugger): enable repl (with autocomplete) for browser.pause

    See for usage.

  • (9c9ed31) feat(launcher): allow multicapabilities to take array of promises

    Enables adding getMultiCapabilities: function(){} to your configuration file. The function returns either multiCapabilities or a promise of a multiCapabilities that is resolved after beforeLaunch and before driver set up. If this is specified, both capabilities and multiCapabilities will be ignored.

    Also allows specifying seleniumAddress in the capabilities/multiCapabilities object, which will override the global seleniumAddress. This allows you to use a different seleniumAddress per capabilities.

    Breaking Changes: capabilities can no longer be a promise. Use getMultiCapabilities if you need to return a promise. seleniumAddress can no longer be a promise. Likewise, use getMultiCapabilities.

  • (1670384) feat(runner): allow protractor to restart browser between tests

    Enables adding restartBrowserBetweenTests: true to your configuration file. Note that this will slow down test suites considerably. Closes #1435

  • (56beb24) feat(protractor): add browser.getRegisteredMockModules()

    Now browser.getRegisteredMockModules() returns a list of the functions or strings that have been registered as mock modules. For troubleshooting.

    Closes #1434.

  • (5a404c2) feat(timeline): add timeline plugin

    This plugin gathers test timeline information from the protractor test process, the selenium client logs (if available), and sauce labs (if available), and presents the output visually. This improves understanding of where latency issues are in tests. See #674


    Add the plugin to your configuration file:

    exports.config = {
    plugins: [{
     path: 'node_modules/protractor/plugins/timeline/index.js',
      // Output json and html will go in this folder.
     outdir: 'timelines',
      // Optional - if sauceUser and sauceKey are specified, logs from
     // SauceLabs will also be parsed after test invocation.
       sauceUser: 'Jane',
       sauceKey: 'abcdefg'
    // other configuration settings
  • (a9d83f7) feat(plugins): add postResults hook for plugins

    Allows plugins to include a postResults function, which will be called after webdriver has been quit and the environment has been torn down. This step may not modify the contents of the test results object.

Dependency Version Upgrades

  • (2b4ac07) feat(webdriver): version bumps for chromedriver and supported browsers

    Chromedriver to 2.13. CI browser version bumps for Chrome 39 and Firefox 34.

Bug Fixes

  • (adf30ba) fix(test): use a platform agnostic way to run minijasminenode

  • (50ee0b4) fix(test): allow to run 'npm start' or 'npm test' from windows too

  • (b28355d) fix(cucumber): emit on cucumber scenario instead of step

  • (33dcd77) fix(util): webdriver could deadlock

    when prepare scripts containing promises are wrapped in a flow.execute

  • (a877268) fix(locators): ng-repeat-start should not return extra null element

  • (d505249) fix(waitforangular): improve error messages when waitForAngular fails

    Previously, caught errors were being interpreted as an empty object, causing lots of errors such as 'Uncaught exception: Error while waiting for Protractor to sync with the page: {}' Now the error message will be displayed, and a more useful custom message will be thrown if the variable 'angular' is not present or the root element is not part of the ng-app.

    See #1474

Breaking Changes

  • Due to (9c9ed31) feat(launcher): allow multicapabilities to take array of promises

    Breaking Changes: capabilities can no longer be a promise. Use getMultiCapabilities if you need to return a promise. seleniumAddress can no longer be a promise. Likewise, use getMultiCapabilities.

    Why is this breaking change not causing a major version bump? This feature was not fully supported previously and we worked with all known users when making the change.



  • (55a91ea) feat(launcher): reorganize launcher + add option to store test results as JSON

    You may now use config.resultJsonOutputFile to specify a location for output. See docs/referenceConf.js for more usage.

  • (6a88642) feat(plugins): basic tools for adding plugins

  • (2572feb) feat(plugin): ngHint plugin

    For information on usage, see plugins/ngHintPlugin.js. More documentation on plugins will be added soon.

  • (0bbfd2b) feat(protractor/runner): allow multiple browser in test

    Closes Usage: browser.forkNewDriverInstance.

  • (8b5ae8b) feat(troubleshoot): Add more information when the --troubleshoot flag is used

    Improve error messages and add debug info when

    • the configuration file cannot be parsed
    • a webdriver session cannot be started
    • more than one element is found using element

    Unify format used for warnings and errors.

Bug Fixes

  • (30023f2) fix(runner): setTestPreparer does not work

    setTestPreparer would always set the testPrepare to config.onprepare during This is breaking for code that relies on setTestPreparer directly.

  • (47f12ba) fix(clientsidescripts): make findByCssContainingText tolerate elements with no textContent/innerText

  • (6a9b87c) fix(elementexplorer): eval always treat result as promise

  • (289dbb9) fix(util): properly handle exceptions from onPrepare and onExit

  • (a132fac) fix(jasmine): fix errors when iit was used

    Errors were due to Jasmine not calling reportSpecStarting when iit was used, but calling reportSpecResults.

    Closes #1602

Breaking Changes

  • (0bbfd2b) feat(protractor/runner): allow multiple browser in test

    protractor.getInstance() had been unused (replaced by global browser in v0.12.0) and is now removed.


    var myBrowser2 = protractor.getInstance();


    // In normal tests, just use the exported global browser
    var myBrowser2 = browser;

    If you are creating your own instance of the Protractor class, you may still use protractor.wrapDriver as before.



  • (adef9b2) feat(runner): add a new method of getting browser drivers - directConnect

    directConnect as an option on the configuration will replace chromeOnly. Now, WebDriverJS allows Firefox to be used directly as well, so directConnect will work for Chrome and Firefox, and throw an error if another browser is used.

    This change deprecates but does not remove the chromeOnly option.

  • (0626963) feat(config): Option to exclude test for specific capability

    Add the option to exclude spec files for a specific capability. This way you can ignore spec files for one capability only. For example if the test is known to fail in the capability.

    Closes #1230

  • (710cad7) feat(runner/frameworks): Change interface contract of the protractor runner instance so that it returns a promise instead of calling a callback function

  • (50f44f4) feat(protractor): add clone methods for ElementFinder and ElementArrayFinder

  • (eedf50b) feat(launcher): add beforeLaunch and afterLaunch

  • (8dd60b7) feat(protractor): wrap negative indices for ElementArrayFinder.get(i)

    Closes #1213

  • (be236e7) feat(debugging): use custom messages when executing scripts to improve stack traces

    Now, instead of asynchronous events during executeScript all being described as WebDriver.executeScript, they have their own custom messages. The schedule shown when debugging will be more informative.

Dependency Version Upgrades

  • (889a5a7) feat(webdriver): version bumps for webdriver, chromedriver, webdriverJS

    Upgrade to WebDriver 2.44.0 and ChromeDriver 2.12.

Bug Fixes

  • (2fbaf52) fix(element): use the root element only to find the testability API, not scope searches

    In 9a8f45a a change was introduced which made Protractor's custom locators (by.binding, by.model, etc) use config.rootElement as the root for all their searches. This meant that config.rootElement was used both to specify how to get hold of Angular's injector as well as where to begin searching for elements. This does not work for all cases, for example if a dialog should be searched for elements but is a sibling, not a child, of ng-app.

    This reverts that change, and uses document as the parent for all searches. This is consistent with the behavior of the native locators, by.css, and friends, which do not scope their search based on config.rootElement.

  • (9db5327) fix(ElementFinder): ElementFinder should allow null as success handler. Passes the value to the next in the chain.

  • (0858280) fix(locators): by.cssContainingText now operates on pre-transformed text

    Previously, the implementation depended on the browser. Now, it will always operate on the text before text-transform is applied. Closes #1217

  • (1a4eea4) fix(elementexplorer): elementexplorer hangs when returning ElementFinder

  • (f4e6b40) fix(runner): webdriver could get into lock when there is async promise

  • (cf284b9) fix(clientsidescripts): by.exactBinding not working because of regex typo

    Closes #1441

  • (9cc0f63) fix(runner): gracefully shutdown browsers after test

  • (86ead2c) fix(webdriver-manager): Avoid incompatibility between request with callback and pipe.

  • (7283fdf) fix(launcher): exit code is always 100 for sharded and 1 for nonsharded tests


Bug Fixes

  • (714e4e2) fix(locators): fix regression passing root element to locator scripts

    Closes #1378



  • (4f1fe68) feat(runner): Allow onCleanup to accept a file

  • (548f0c0) feat(webdriver): bump WebDriver to version 2.43

  • (466b383) feat(protractor): allow advanced features for ElementArrayFinder

    changed ElementFinder as a subset of an ElementArrayFinder.

    This enables actions on ElementArrayFinders, such as: element.all(by.css('.foo')).click()

    The function filter now returns an ElementArrayFinder, so you may also do: element.all(by.css('.foo')).filter(filterFn).click()



  • (7bd2dde) chore(angular): upgrade angular to version 1.3.

    This change updates Protractor's test application from 1.2.9 to 1.3.0-r0.

    There is a significant behind-the-scenes change in the implementation of locating elements and waiting for the page to be stable. If you are updating your application to Angular 1.3, you may run into some changes you will need to make in your tests:

    • by.binding no longer allows using the surrounding {{}}. Previously, these were optional. Before: var el = element(by.binding('{{foo}}')) After: var el = element(by.binding('foo'))

    • Prefixes ng_ and x-ng- are no longer allowed for models. Use ng-model.

    • by.repeater cannot find elements by row and column which are not children of the row. For example, if your template is <div ng-repeat="foo in foos">{{}}</div> Before: var el = element(by.repeater('foo in foos').row(2).column('')) After: You may either enclose {{}} in a child element or simply use: var el = element(by.repeater('foo in foos').row(2))

  • (ee82f9e) feat(webdriver-manager): ignore ssl checks with --ignore_ssl option

    Allow ability to ignore SSL checks when downloading webdriver binaries. Usage: webdriver-manager update --ignore_ssl

Bug Fixes

  • (838f5a2) fix(element): isPresent should not throw on chained finders

    Now, $('nonexistant').$('foo').isPresent() will return false instead of throwing an error. This change also adds tests that ensure that catching errors from promises works as expected.

Breaking Changes



  • (830f511) feat(protractor): allow file:// baseUrls

    Modified protractor to support testing node-webkit by using string concatenation vs url.resolve() when the baseUrl begins with file://

    Closes #1266.

  • (71b9c97) feat(cucumber): process the Cucumber 'coffee' param

Bug Fixes

  • (ade9a92) fix(webdriver-manager): always use https for downloading webdriver binaries

    This fixes issues with unzipping - see #1259

  • (9a8f45a) fix(locators): locators should use the root element provided in config

    Previously, locators used 'document' as the root for their search. After this change, they will use the root element provided in the config file - config.rootElement. This will make sure behavior is correct if there are multiple angular apps on one page, and also enables the getTestability path, because that requires a root element under an ng-app.


This is a minor release with no functional changes. It contains a couple implementation switches that new versions of Angular will use.



  • (316961c) feat(runner/hosted): add support for promises for seleniumAddress and capabilities

    Change driverProviders/hosted to resolve promise values in configuration to allow async jobs in setup. Specifically, seleniumAddress, capabilities, and multiCapabilities may be promises. Primarily, this would be for a network call to acquire a selenium host or to start a proxy server.

  • (953faf7) feat(runner): allow onPrepare functions to return a promise

    If onPrepare is a function which returns a promise (or a file which exports a promise), the test runner will now wait for that promise to be fulfilled before starting tests.

  • (6de2e32) feat(runner): Add support for async onCleanUp functions

    If the onCleanUp function returns a promise, the process will allow it to resolve before exiting. This is useful for performing async operations like writing to a file or calling an API at the end of a test run.

  • (cd575ee) feat(sauce provider): allow for custom server addresses when running against SauceLabs.

    Use config.sauceSeleniumAddress to connect to a custom URL for Sauce Labs.

  • (1b16c26) feat(suites): allow more than one suite from the command line

    Allow a comma-separated list of suites be provided on the command line, like --suite=suite1,suite2

  • (25cf88c) feat(ElementArrayFinder): keep a reference to the original locator

Bug Fixes


No changes from rc6.


Dependency Version Upgrades

  • (b6ab644) chore(jasminewd): update to version 1.0.4

    This version contains a fix for too many timeout messages.

Bug Fixes

  • (0c4a70e) fix(protractor) fix stack traces for WebElement errors

    When angular/protractor@3c0e727136ab3d397c1a9a2bb02692d0aeb9be40 refactored element() into the ElementFinder object, the function lost some of its error handling. This removed references to frames inside tests (it() blocks), making it hard to tell where the error was actually occurring.

    This commit fixes these problems, showing full stack traces for WebElement errors.



  • (51a5e89) feat(config): allow setting the get page timeout globally from the config

    To change the timeout for how long a page is allowed to stall on browser.get, change getPageTimeout: timeout_in_millis in the configuration. As before, you may also change the timeout for one particular get call by using a second parameter: browser.get(url, timeout_in_sec)

Bug Fixes

  • (985ff27) fix(configParser): load new functions from configs

    Closes #1043

Breaking Changes

  • (51a5e89) feat(config): allow setting the get page timeout globally from the config

    This change contains a small breaking change for consistency. Previously, the second parameter to get changed the timeout in seconds. Now, the units are milliseconds. This is consistent with all the other timeouts, as well as base JavaScript functions like setTimeout.

    • before: browser.get(url, 4)
    • after: browser.get(url, 4000)


Bug Fixes

  • (ab1d0be) fix(navigation): fix using browser.get with safari driver

    SafariDriver fails with data urls - see #1049. Reverting to use about:blank for now.



  • (f0e7984) feat(launcher): append capability tag for all output

Bug Fixes

  • (1198dde) fix(navigation): use empty html data urls for page resets instead of about:blank

    Except on internet explorer, which does not allow data urls.

    Closes #1023.


Dependency Version Updates

  • (e10e1a4) chore(minijasminenode): update minijasminenode dependency to v1.1.0

    This adds several options for the reporter, which can be included in protractor's config.jasmineNodeOpts

    // If true, output nothing to the terminal. Overrides other printing options.
    silent: false,
    // If true, print timestamps for failures
    showTiming: true,
    // Print failures in real time.
    realtimeFailure: false
  • (be0bb00) chore(jasminewd): update jasminewd to v1.0.3

    This fixes extra logging when a timeout occurs.


  • (82c1d47) feat(protractor): add iteration index to ElementArrayFinder.each

  • (62bcf7e) feat(webdriver-manager): minor proxy enhancements

    Added error handling for request - previously, any errors coming from the request module were silently swallowed.

    Fixed error handling to remove empty files when a download fails for some reason.

    Also evaluating both uppercase and lowercase proxy variables. Many tools use proxy variables in the form https_proxy, others use HTTPS_PROXY.

Bug Fixes

  • (dbf7ab5) fix(mocha): mocha globals should be re-wrapped for every new suite

    Closes #523, closes #962


Dependency Version Updates

  • (0dc0421) chore(selenium): version bumps to selenium 2.42.2


  • (6906c93) feat(webdriver-manager): use proxy for webdriver-manager

  • (7d90880) feat(locators): implement by.options

  • (4e1cfe5) feature(launcher): aggregate failures at the end and output message from the launcher

  • (ff3d5eb) feat(locators): add toString() wrapper for this.message

  • (c892c2a) feat(protractor): implement reduce and filter for ElementArrayFinder


  • (8920028) feat(pause): allow the user to specify a port to be used for debugging

    Using browser.pause(portNumber) will now start the debugger on the specified port number.

    Closes #956

Bug Fixes

  • (f9082d0) fix(clientsidescripts): make exactBinding more exact


  • (6641c81) fix(launcher): report summary when specs fail

  • (36e0e0a) fix(protractor): allow exceptions from actions to be catchable


  • (e86eb72) fix(protractor): removing a mock module that was never added now is a noop

    It used to remove the last module - now is a noop.

    Closes #764

  • (bf26f76) fix(locators): findind elements by text should trim whitespace

    WebDriver always trims whitespace from around the text of an element, so to be consistent we should trim the text from button elements before doing a by.buttonText.

    Closes #903, Closes #904.

  • (48798b0) fix(elementexplorer): element.all hangs in interactive mode


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.

Bug Fixes


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.

Bug Fixes

  • (59af936) fix(locators): Missing information in warning/error messages

    Webdriver's built-in locators (such as by.css()) appeared as 'undefined' in protractor's messages.

    For instance, if a locator matched multiple elements, protractor would print the following message: 'warning: more than one element found for locator undefined- you may need to be more specific'.

  • (13373f5) fix(launcher): output error messages when child processes exit with error

    Version 0.24.0 introduced a bug where child processes would error without outputting the error message. Fix. See #902.

  • (72668fe) fix(cssShortcut): fix $$ global throwing error


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


Bug Fixes

  • (56daa54) fix(clientsidescripts): convert non-Error exceptions to Errors

    If any functions called by clientSideScripts throws a an exception that doesn't inherit from Error, the stack trace is completely unhelpful and the message is just "unknown error."  This commit wraps such errors into Error instances so that we have meaningful stack traces and the correct exception message.  (e.g. This is the common case when running dart2js code.  This commit gives us the Dart stack trace and exception message.)

    In addition, I've pushed the construction of the string to install into the browser into clientsidescripts.js.

  • (00c6abe) fix(element): fix WebElement.$ using the incorrect By object

    Closes #852

  • (0500b2c) fix(navigation): ignore unknown JS errors when looking for the URL

    This should address #841

    Ignoring the error and trying again has worked for all of my test cases, and the error has never occurred more than once in a row.

  • (c8c85e0) fix(locators): fix by.repeater finding all rows for IE

    Previously, element.all(by.repeater('foo in foos')) would find non-element nodes for ng-repeat-start elements, which could cause IEDriver to fall over if the test tried to get text from those nodes.

Breaking Changes

  • (3c0e727) refactor(protractor): reorganize internal structure of elementFinder/webelement

    • Allow chaining of actions (i.e. element(By.x).clear().sendKeys('abc'))
    • first(), last(), and get(index) are not executed immediately, allowing them to be placed in page objects
    • Rework the way that elementFinder and wrappedWebElement is represented
    • Breaking changes:

      • element.all is chained differently

        Before: element(By.x).element.all(By.y)
        Now:    element(By.x).all(By.y)
        However, using element.all without chaining did not change,
          i.e. `element.all(By.x)`
      • Changed the way for retrieving underlying webElements

        Before: element(By.x).find(), element(By.x).findElement(By.y),
                  and element(By.x).findElements(By.y)
        Now:    element(By.x).getWebElement(),
                  and element(By.x).element(By.y).getWebElements(),
      • browser.findElement returns a raw WebElement so $, $$, and evaluate will no longer be available
  • (fbfc72b) feat(launcher): Add support for maxSession

    • add support for maxSession and capability-specific specs
    • cleaned up launcher (refactored out taskScheduler.js)
    • Breaking change:
      • changed the config to shard test files; also sharding is specific to capabilities now
      Before: config.splitTestsBetweenCapabilities
      Now: config.capabilities.shardTestFiles or config.multiCapabilities[index].shardTestFiles
  • (9e5d9e4) feat(locators): remove deprecated locator APIs

    This is a breaking change. The following deprecated Locator APIs have been removed.

    • by.input
    • by.selectedOption
    • by.textarea

    input, select, and textarea can be replaced by by.model.

    element(by.selectedOption('foo')) can be replaced by element(by.model('foo')).$('option:checked')


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.

Bug Fixes

  • (59533d9) fix(navigation): revert changes to the page reset

    Navigating to an empty data URL won't work for internet explorer, sadly.

    Reverting to about:blank. Will watch for flakes and explore other options.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (b7afa87) feat(addMockModule): allow additional parameters

    Allow Protractor’s 'addMockModule' method to pass context to its mocks, providing an argument to the script which overrides a module. Rely on the WebDriver’s 'executeScript' method.

    Closes #695

  • (546d41f) feat(sauceprovider): runner now prints a link to saucelabs test URL

  • (fd7fe4a) feat(launcher): Add support for splitTestsBetweenCapabilities.

  • (b93bf18) feat(elementFinder): keep a reference to the original locator

  • (98f4ba5) feat(locators): add by.exactBinding

Bug Fixes

  • (43ff9e5) fix(jasminewd): allow asynchronous callbacks for jasmine tests

    Closes #728, Closes #704

  • (6249efe) fix(webdriver-manager): use request module instead of http

    Google changed selenium-server-standalone.jar's location and is returning 302 http module does not follow redirects

    Closes #826

  • (95093c3) fix(configParser): don't run suite if specs are supplied

  • (27a5706) fix(loading): fix timeouts with about:blank removal

    As documented at there are sometimes issues with webdriver and about:blank pages.

    Switching instead to try a data url.

  • (cbcdb48) fix(runner): add -r for each cucumber require

  • (e36c32a) fix(jasminewd): Use promise.all to combine promises and done

    • Make the flow promise explicit and use promise.all to wait for both promises to be fulfilled before calling the done callback
  • (b5c18db) fix(drivers): prevent Sauce Labs login credentials from showing up in logs

    Closes #754

  • (b85af50) fix(protractor): change angular-bootstrap wrapper for navigation

  • (8abea3c) fix(jasminewd): fix timeout for beforeEach and afterEach


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (8b088fd) feat(locators): Added a By.cssContainingText locator.

    This new locator find elements by css selector and inner text in response to the lack of ':contains' selector.

    Example: By.cssContainingText('ul .pet', 'Dog') will find all ul children with class 'pet' containing the text 'Dog'.

    Closes #488, Closes #709

  • (54060b7) feat(protractor): add the browser.setLocation method to perform in-page navigation

    Allow a faster way to navigate within the app. The current browser.get method forces the entire app to load every time you navigate to a new page. The proposed browser.setLocation method uses the same format as $location.url().

    Closes #368

  • (74761e8) feat(cli): use protractor.conf.js as a default config file if none is passed

    Closes #615

Chores and updates

  • (b81cf5a) chore(webdriver): update WebDriverJS version to 2.41.0

  • (a96df4d) chore(minijasminenode): update to version 0.4.0.

    This allows the use of because('message') before expectations, to give additional information when a failure occurs.

    It also removes warnings for Node 0.11.* users about util.print being deprecated.

    Closes #377

  • (6f31b56) chore(package): npm start now brings up the testapp

    Closes #712

Bug Fixes

  • (1137d12) fix(mocha): fix it.only so that it does not double-wrap

    Closes #469

  • (bde56a0) fix(cli): fix --exclude command line flag

    Accidentally got changed to 'excludes'. As discussed earlier, should be single to be consistent with Karma.

    Closes #637

  • (9e426df) fix(locators): using $().$$() should return an ElementArrayFinder

    Prior, $(foo).$$(bar) would return a promise which resolved to an array of WebElements. This is unexpected, since $(foo).$(bar) returns an ElementFinder, and element(by.css(foo)).element.all(by.css(bar)) returns an ElementArrayFinder. Fixed so things are more consistent.

    Closes #640

  • (b67810a) fix(webdriver-manager): do not download files if HTTP response is not 200

    Closes #656

  • (28912f0) fix(webdriver-manager): fix download paths


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (0c4ef69) feat(launcher): launcher outputs a final summary of how the browsers did

  • (f1db8b4) feat(runner): make runner an event emitter and log passes or failures from the launcher

    Now, for runs with multiple capabilities, the launcher will output '.' or 'F' for each pass or fail instead of just '.' for every chunk of data. TODO - complete the event emitter API for the Cucumber runner.

  • (f9c4391) feat(cli+config): allow defining multiple test suites in the config and running them separately from the command line.

  • (06bd573) feat(pause): add the browser.pause method to enter a webdriver-specific debugger

    Warning: this is still beta, there may be issues. Usage: In test code, insert a browser.pause() statement. This will stop the test at that point in the webdriver control flow. No need to change the command line you use to start the test. Once paused, you can step forward, pausing before each webdriver command, and interact with the browser. Exit the debugger to continue the tests.

Bug Fixes

  • (43aff83) fix(pageload): Changing how about:blank unload waits Also changing executeScript script comment from // to /**/ format. These two small changes should not affect functionality but make Protractor work with Selendroid.

  • (1334662) fix(locators): Improve custom locators message

    Increase readability of custom locator message by displaying each argument instead of the arguments object.

  • (c9dbbaa) refactor(launcher): skip the child process if only one capability is requested

    Closes #603

  • (26d67a2) fix(launcher): launcher should report a failure when only one capability is running

  • (9530a0c) (fix): Convert to test.js

    This would enable the tests to be run on both Linux and Windows.

  • (6d85ab4) fix(jasminewd): display stack traces in correct order and with WebElement method failure details

  • (8964ac9) fix(test): Fixed path of configuration file to pass on windows

  • (99bda1a) fix(waitForAngular): when timeout overflows, at least pass the negative to error messages

    Closes #622

  • (4fd060a) fix (element): Allow ElementFinder to be passed to actions directly.

    Previously, do to an action such as drag and drop, one would have to use element( Now, just passing element( works. For example:

  • (b2a4ffc) fix(configParser): always return "this" from addFileConfig


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.

Bug Fixes


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (220d793), (6603a7e) chore(webdriver): update selenium version to 2.40.0 and download location

  • (ad5f3aa) feat(jasminewd): allow custom matchers to return promises

    Allow custom jasmine matchers to return a promise which resolves to a boolean and match against the resolution of the promise

  • (41feaca) feat(framework.cucumber): Allow multiple tags on cucumber tests.

    Motivation: Support for multiple tags on the cucumber test execution, to be able to filter with more complex expressions the scenarios to run.

    How to use:

    cucumberOpts: {
       tags: '@dev'


    cucumberOpts: {
       tags: ['@dev', '~@ignore']

    More information on tags:

Bug Fixes

  • (2ca6541) fix(debug): make protractor debug work in the new runner/launcher world

    Closes #552

  • (a68627b) fix(launcher): command line args should be passed as-is to the runner

    This allows users to continue to use optimist (or other process.argv) processing within their tests and grab values from the command line.

    Closes #571.

  • (767c306), (02defe3) fix(jasminewd): include full pre-async-call stack trace in expectation failure message

  • (b6df2cf) fix(configParser): load coffee and LiveScript for child processes

    Without loading coffee in configParser.js, child processes which try and load a coffeescript config file do not have coffee registered with node's required, and child tests fail.

    Fixes an issue with using coffeescript config files.

  • (64bee25) fix(locators): add locator with multiple arguments

    When using a custom locator with multiple arguments, only the first argument was used when calling webdriver.findElements.

  • (87b0c7f) fix(debug): display error message when runner fails


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (77393d0), (6848180), (cca82ca) feat(runner/launcher): major runner updates to allow multiple capabilities

    Adding simultaneous runner capability (grid-style), refactoring launch/runner init system, and abstracting out configParser module.

  • (642de06) feat(protractor): add removeMockModule method

  • (88c339f) feat(runner): add adapter for cucumber.js

    Conflicts: lib/runner.js

Bug Fixes

  • (8924bbc) fix(cli): convert capabilities arguments to dot-notation for WebDriver compatibility

  • (a96d32f) fix(webdriver-manager): upcase in IE download url

    The url for the Win32 version of the IEDriverServer is apparently case sensitive: win32 vs Win32

Breaking Changes

  • (05eb42b) refactor(locators): moves scope in locators to last argument

    scope defaults to document, and is an optional argument so now be moved to the end. Came up from debugging and trying to use window.clientSideScripts.findInputs('username'); which failed. Refactored to match original intent.

    BREAKING CHANGE: anything relying on clientsidescripts should no longer pass element scope as first argument.

    window.clientSideScripts.findInputs(document, 'username');
    window.clientSideScripts.findInputs('username', document);
    // or simply

    Also, any custom locators using addLocator will now break since the arguments order has changed. To migrate the code follow the example below:

    var findMenuItem = function() {
      var domScope = arguments[0];
      var myArg = arguments[1];
      // balh blah blah
    by.addLocator('menuItem', findMenuItem);
    var findMenuItem = function() {
      var myArg = arguments[0];
      var domScope = arguments[1];
      // balh blah blah
    by.addLocator('menuItem', findMenuItem);

    Closes #497


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.

Bug Fixes

  • (a79aa73) fix(cli): specs was being processed as a string, not a list

    Fixes #495


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (e3b1e7c) feat(config): add option to exclude specs based on file patterns

    The config now accepts exclude, an array of patterns to exclude.

  • (88a1e58) Feat(clientSideScripts): Add by.buttonText, by.partialButtonText

    Adds client side JS implementations of by.buttonText and by.partialButtonText, enabling element lookup based on innerText.

    Closes #452

  • (8d29c93) feat(config): allow LiveScript configuration files

Bug Fixes

  • (d06d931) fix(timeouts): fix an obscure cause of firefox timeouts

    Fixes #493

  • (de39e50) fix(jasminewd): support multi-argument matchers

    Implement support for multi-argument matchers in promise wrapper.

    Closes #477

  • (11c4210) fix(testForAngular): add a message when page load does not complete in time

  • (6ae6261) refactor(waitForAngular): improve error messages when timeouts occur

  • (5dd93c2) fix(config): allow CoffeeScript 1.7 to be used

    CoffeeScript now requires a register call to be made.

  • (10aec0f) fix(pageload): increase wait timeout

    The 300 ms wait caused problems when testing IE on Sauce Labs. It seems way too short. "browser.get()" invariably timed out. Increasing it solved our problem.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (cc4f7b5), (8348803) feat(element): allow chaining of element finders with element().element()...

    Chaining calls to element will now build a scoped element finder. No webdriver functions will be called until a method (such as getText) is called on the final element. Example:

    var elem = element('outer')).element(by.css('inner'));


    Closes #340.

  • (088a581) feat(runner): add a callback for when the tests are done

    Add an onCleanUp callback to be able to hook into when all the tests have been run.

    Conflicts: referenceConf.js

  • (66c4774) feat(runner): add mocha options to config file

    change lib/runner to allow setting mocha options from config.

  • (092fe1f), (3151ca7) feat(locators): Add map() function to element.all

    Added a map function to element.all to apply a function to each element and return the result of the transformation.

    Resolve promises if there is an object that contains multiple promises. Added index as a second argument to the map function callback.

    Closes #392

  • (7259614), (0257b5f) feat(config): allow CoffeeScript configuration files

    Require CoffeeScript in the cli file to enable CS configuration and spec files.

    Possibly fixes #38

  • (e7d9e08) feat(global): export By (== by) on the global for use with coffeescript (or others who prefer it)

Bug Fixes

  • (a0bd84b) fix(pageload): add a wait during protractor.get() to solve unload issues

    Some systems would not wait for the browser unload event to finish before beginning the asynchronous script execution.

    Closes #406. Closes #85.

  • (4b053eb) fix(runner): only run selenium with spec files

    Only setup Selenium if there are actual spec files passed in

  • (8e096b9) fix(Protractor.prototype.get): resolve baseUrl before ignoring synchronization

    Fixes issues where setting ignoreSynchronization = true ignores the value of baseUrl entirely.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.

Note: 0.16.0 was released as a canary - no changelog for it.


  • (a75fa04) docs(readme): add the travis status widget

  • (478c00a) feat(runner): add beta support for using mocha as your test framework

    This change adds limited support for using mocha as the test framework instead of jasmine. Make the switch by using --framework=mocha on the command line or adding framework: 'mocha' to the config. Tests will be run using the BDD interface. The interface is adapted so that tests run asynchronously without needing to call done().

    Note that there is currently no support for an assertion framework, so you will need to require whichever assertion framework you prefer. This means there is no adapter to make the assertions unwrap promises, so you will need to resolve promises yourself and run the assertions afterwards.

  • (3731abf) feat(webdriver-manager): add seleniumPort command line option

    Added seleniumPort command line option so that the standalone selenium server can be started with the supplied port number as opposed to the default port 4444.

    $ webdriver-manager start --seleniumPort 4443

Bug Fixes

  • (bc18c42) chore(config): saucelabs requires tunnel identifier to be a string

Breaking Changes

  • (478c00a) feat(runner): add beta support for using mocha as your test framework

    To allow the user to customize their framework, the protractor runner will now wait until just before onPrepare to load the framework. This means that jasmine will not be available in global until onPrepare. For example, this means that requiring the jasmine-reporters module must be done inside onPrepare, since that module expects jasmine to be available at the time it is loaded.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (f8d0291) chore(version): update the version of dependency minijasminenode

    This is notable because in the newer 0.2.6 version of minijasminenode, ddescribe and iit are supported. These should be available after running an 'npm update'.

  • (6165023) feat(runner): return a promise from runner.runOnce

    In some cases knowing when the runner has finished is a requirement (e.g. an async grunt task).

  • (d44ef01) feat(debugging): remove webdriver lines from stacktraces by default to improve readability

  • (33fa4a4) feat(locators): by model works for anything with a model, not just input

    Notably, by.model will now find selects and textareas.

    Closes #321.

  • (238bb74) feat(ignoresync): ignoreSynchronization now affects the behavior of browser.get

    Now, when ignoring synchronization, calls to browser.get are equivalent to calling browser.driver.get.

    Closes #306

  • (30c0ceb) feat(element) element.all exports an 'each' method


    element.all(by.model('foo')).each(function(webElement) {
      // Do stuff with webElement.

    Closes #298

  • (6a73a25) feat(by.repeat) by.repeat support for multi ng-repeat

    Make by.repeat (and its column and row friends) work with ng-repeat-start and ng-repeat-end elements.

    Closes #366. Closes #182.

Bug Fixes

  • (50d6fde) fix(clientSideScripts): bind-template directive shouldn't break bind locators

    Fix "UnknownError: angular.element(...).data(...).$binding[0] is undefined" error raised when trying to use "by.binding" locator in any element of a page that contains at least one "bind-template" directive.

  • (f8c606b) fix(webdriver-manager): make sure selenium standalone shuts down nicely

    This addresses selenium server shutdown in two ways

    • the node process will stay open until selenium has exited
    • if the user inputs to STDIN (e.g. press space) selenium will shut down gracefully
  • (e98f71e) fix(webdriver-manager): fix IEDriver install and running via windows

    Changed the function to return the correct URL for the IEDriverServer. Created the zip object in the win32 section to be able to decompress IEDriverServer. Added a function to normalize a command across OS and spawn it. It allows start the webdriver in win32.

    Seen here:


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (c579a1a), (f54fd5d) feat(webdriver-manager): redo the script to run and install selenium/webdriver

    Breaking Change. As outlined in Issue #296, redoing the way the selenium/webdriver install and run helper scripts work. Now, the 'webdriver-manager' script will be available either locally or globally (depending on how protractor was installed). It replaced install_selenium_standalone and the 'start' script that was provided after install. Run webdriver-manager update to download new versions of selected webdriver binaries. Run webdriver-manager start to start the standalone server. In addition, this fixes issues with running the server starter in Windows, and allows automated downloading of the IEDriver.

    Thanks to kurthong and vipper for their PRs with windows fixes, which were very useful in preparing this.

  • (a69ebc3) feat(runner): use selenium and chromedriver from the default location if nothing else is specified

Bug Fixes

  • (1fa090c) fix(runner): merge should override entire arrays, not just parts of them

    Closes #304

  • (a2afb4d) fix(element): element.all.get and element.all.first/last should wrap web elements

    Closes #307

  • (f3be172) fix(runner): running with chromeOnly should try to find chromedriver with .exe extension

    Closes #283

Breaking Changes

  • (c579a1a) feat(webdriver-manager): redo the script to run and install selenium/webdriver

    Breaking Change. Your old selenium/start script will continue to work, but install_selenium_standalone no longer exists. To do a clean update, remove the selenium folder. Then run webdriver-manager update

  • (a1c91a2) fix(config): Make all file paths in config files relative to the config file itself

    Breaking Change Previously, onPrepare and specs were relative to the location of the config, but seleniumServerJar and chromeDriver were relative to the cwd when the test was called. If you were calling the tests from somewhere other than the same directory as the config location, you will need to change the paths of seleniumServerJar and/or chromeDriver. Closes #222.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (ce5f494) feat(element): element.all now has 'first' and 'last' methods

  • (ef61662) feat(runner): allow bypassing the selenium standalone server if running only chrome

    Using the config option chromeOnly now enables running ChromeDriver directly, without going through the Selenium Standalone. The chromedriver binary should be available in your PATH, or should be specified with the config option chromeDriver.

  • (76c094a) feat(getLocationAbsUrl) - allows current url to be obtained on IE (and Chrome/Firefox)

  • (6a1c918) feat(runner): add error message for bad jar path

  • (98bce7e) feat(locators): add the ability to add custom element locators with by.addLocator

    Custom locators can now be added using by.addLocator(name, script), where script is a self-contained snippet to be executed on the browser which returns an array of elements. Closes #236.

  • (c7bcc20) chore(angular): update to angular 1.2

Bug Fixes

  • (a24eeee) fix(runner): do not error out if only one spec pattern does not match any files

    Previously, the runner would throw an error if any one of the spec patterns did not match any files. Now it logs a warning in that case, and errors out only if there are no found files in any spec patterns. Closes #260

  • (f3b3fdb) fix(element): fix an error where all.then() wasn't calling callbacks.

    Closes #267

  • (137d804) fix(jasminewd): patched matcher should understand 'not'

    Closes #139.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.

Minor features

  • (201b59c) feat(jasminewd): better error messaging when expect is called with a WebElement

  • (d383770) feat(clientsidescripts): better error reporting from testForAngular and waitForAngular

Bug fixes

  • (8580c0c) fix(install-selenium): update to chromedriver 2.6

    Update to the latest version of Chromedriver. This fixes the issue with OS X 10.9. Closes #181.

  • (ebc528f) fix(debugging): switch debugging tests to the new test app urls.

  • (8ff4787) fix(runner): exit with proper code when tests fail

    When errors with messages matching /timeout/ were created, Protractor clears the control flow so that the remainder of the tasks scheduled for that spec don't bleed over into the next spec. This was messing up the promises used in the runner, since they are also webdriver promises. Long term, the runner should not use webdriver promises. For now, fix by having the runner resolve promises directly rather than through chaining, and add a TODO to use promises which aren't connected to WebDriver's control flow in the runner.

    Closes #214.

  • (81501c5) fix(clientsidescripts): workaround for IE 8 "async page reload" init problem

  • (21264fd) fix(find): fix error when exposed to ng-options element with a default option

    Protractor will now ignore elements with the ng-bind class that don't have a proper binding on their data, instead of blowing up when encoutering them.

    Closes #165, may fix #170

    • (f672648) fix(findelements): fix isPresent for repeaters by row for real

Breaking Changes

  • (bf5b076) fix(cli): remove boolean verbose and stack trace options

    Also add better description for what the command line options are.

    Tiny breaking change: Rename the 'includeStackTrace' command line option to 'stackTrace' for brevity.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.

This change introduces major syntax updates. Using the new syntax is recommended, but the old version is still supported for now. Note also that the test application, docs, and example tests have been updated.


  • (a2cd6c8) feat(syntax): big syntax reboot, expose global $, $$, element, and by

In an effort to make tests more readable and clear, a few more global variables will now be exported.

browser is an instance of protractor. This was previously accessed using protractor.getInstance.

by is a collection of element locators. Previously, this was protractor.By.

$ is a shortcut for getting elements by css. $('.foo') === element(by.css('.foo'))

All changes should be backwards incompatible, as tested with the new 'backwardscompat' tests.

Bug fixes

  • (8c87ae6) fix(onPrepare): onPrepare with a string argument should resolve from the config directory

onPrepare can take a string, which is a filename containing a script to load adn execute before any tests run. This fixes the string to resolve the filename relative to the config file, instead of relative to the current working directory where protractor is called.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (02cb819) feat(cli): allow passing params directly to your test

Adds a config object 'params' which is passed directly to instances of protractor. 'params' may contain nested objects, and can be changed via the command line as:

--params.login.user 'Joe' --params.login.password 'abc'

This change also switches to using optimist to parse command line flags for more flexibility and better usage documentation. Closes #32.

  • (c025ddb) feat(findElements): $ & $$ shortcuts.

Introducing the $ shortcut method for finding a single element by css without having to call protractor.By.css. Additionally $$ for finding all elements by css.


  • ptor.$('.some .selector')
  • ptor.$$('.some .selector')

  • (7d74184) feat(explorer): add an interactive element explorer

When debugging or first writing test suites, you may find it helpful to try out Protractor commands without starting up the entire test suite. You can do this with the element explorer. This change introduces a first version of the element explorer. Closes #107

Bug Fixes

  • (e45ceaa) fix(repeaters): allow finding all rows of a repeater

Now, finding an element with the strategy 'protractor.By.repeater()' returns a promise which will resolve to an array of WebElements, where each WebElement is a row in the repeater. Closes #149.

  • (b501ceb) fix(findElements): Consistently include evaluate.

When using findElements with a css locator, wrap the returned list of elements with protractor specific functionality.

  • (c17ac12) fix(cli): allow running from command line without a config file

If all necessary fields are specified (e.g. seleniumAddress and at least one spec), a config file shouldn't be necessary.

Breaking Changes

  • (421d623) fix(repeat): use 0-based indexing for repeater rows

BREAKING CHANGE: Finding rows with protractor.By.repeater now indexes from 0 instead of 1. This should be more familiar to most modern programmers. You will need to edit existing tests. Closes #90.


// The fourth foo
ptor.findElement(protractor.By.repeater('foo in foos').row(4));


// The fourth foo
ptor.findElement(protractor.By.repeater('foo in foos').row(3));


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (881759e) feat(timeouts): add a unique error message when waitForAngular times out

To improve the readability of error messages, when waitForAngular times out it now produces a custom message. This should help clarify confusion for pages that continually poll using $interval. This change also adds more documentation on timeouts. See issue #109.

  • (37e0f1a) feat(install selenium): better communication in the install script

Adds better messages in the selenium server install script, and also makes the script output a 'start' executable which can be used to quickly start up the selenium standalone. not yet windows friendly. Closes #108.

  • (b32f5a5) feat(config): add examples for dealing with log-in

Adds examples for how to log in when the login page is not written in Angular. New examples are in spec/login.

  • (1b7675a) feat(cli): add an onPrepare callback to the config

This onPrepare callback is useful when you want to do something with protractor before running the specs. For example, you might want to monkey-patch protractor with custom functions used by all the specs, or add the protractor instance to the globals. An example usage is shown in the spec/onPrepareConf.js file and its associated spec.

Bug fixes

  • (256b21c) fix(cli): allow passing the config file before the options

The cli usage says:

USAGE: protractor configFile [options] However, the options passed as argument are merged into the default configuration as soon as the configFile is met in the args parsing loop. This fix merges the options in the default configuration only after the loop, allowing to pass the options to the cli before or after, or around the config file.

  • (6223825) fix(jasminewd): allow use of custom matchers

Using jasmine.Matchers.prototype to generate the chained methods for expect() calls is flawed because it does not pick up custom matchers defined using addMatcher. Instead, use either the matchersClass for the current spec or from the environment.

  • (c22fc38) fix(sync): getCurrentUrl and friends should sync with Angular first

getCurrentUrl, getPageSource, and getTitle should sync with Angular before executing. Closes #92.

  • (dd06756) fix(clientsidescripts): findElements and isElementPresent for

  • (c607459) fix (navigation): The defer label should appear before other window names, not after.

  • (806f381) Fix: findElements() and isElementPresent() now work for protractor.By.input. Closes #79.

Breaking changes

  • (881759e) feat(timeouts): add a unique error message when waitForAngular times out

This changes the default script timeout from 100 seconds down to 11. Tests which relied on extremely long timeouts will need to change the default script timeout with driver.manage().timeouts().setScriptTimeout(<bigNumber>).


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (0e8de99) Wrap WebElements with Protractor specific features. This change allows chained findElement calls to work with Protractor locators. It also adds a function, evaluate, to evaluate an angular expression in the context of a WebElement's scope.

  • (9f53118) Improving the command line interface (adding more options). This allows the --spec option to be passed with test files that will be resolved relative to the current directory. Smarter merging of default config values. Closes #65.

  • (73821fb) Adding an 'ignoreSynchronization' property to turn off Protractor's attempt to wait for Angular to be ready on a page. This can be used to test pages that poll with $timeout or $http.

Bug fixes

  • (cfc6438) Adding support for isElementPresent with Protractor locators. Closes #11.

  • (8329b01) Adding waitForAngular calls before WebElement functions. Closes #37.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • Added documentation to the docs folder.

  • (08ef244) Adding debugging tests showing different types of timeouts, and fixing a bug where scheduled tasks from a previous it block would run into the next in case of a timeout.


  • (1c7eae0) Updating the binary script to understand debug, so that protractor debug conf.js works.

  • (7a59479) Adding a 'debug' function to protractor. This schedules a debugger pause within the webdriver control flow.

  • (679c82d) Mixing in all webdriver exports to protractor. This means that webdriver classes such as ActionSequence and Keys are accessible on the global protractor.

  • (3c76246) Added nested angular app (ng-app on an element other than <html> or <body>) capability via conf file.

Bug fixes

  • (1c9b98d) Fixed Sauce issues: low timeouts, shutdown and init order.

Breaking Changes

  • Now running selenium 2.25. Requires updating WebDriverJS and the selenium standalone binary and chromedriver binary.

  • (a54abfb) Spec paths in configuration files are now resolved from the location of the spec file instead of the current working directory when the command line is run.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (7966912) Updating to Selenium 2.24.

  • (90f0a94) Instead of having tests run with the protractor runner need to require() the protractor library, publish it to the global namespace. This insures the instance of protractor used within the tests is the same as the one used on the command line. Closes #36. Version bump for incompatible API changes.

  • (cb373c9) Adding glob matching to the spec files from the config. Closes #29.

Breaking changes

  • Now running on selenium 2.24. Requires updating WebDriverJS and the selenium standalone binary.

  • The protractor runner now publishes protractor to the global namespace and sets up the Jasmine-WebDriver adapter. Tests run with this should no longer include

// var protractor = require('protractor'); // No longer needed!
// require('protractor/jasminewd'); // No longer needed!

var ptor = protractor.getInstance(); // This should just work now.