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Angular Language Service



This extension provides a rich editing experience for Angular templates, both inline and external templates including:

  • Completions lists
  • AOT Diagnostic messages
  • Quick info
  • Go to definition


Download the extension from Visual Studio Marketplace.

Configuring compiler options for the Angular Language Service

The Angular Language Service uses the same set of options that are used to compile the application. To get the most complete information in the editor, set the strictTemplates option in tsconfig.json, as shown in the following example:

"angularCompilerOptions": {
  "strictTemplates": true

For more information, see the Angular compiler options guide.


The language service extension relies on the @angular/language-service and typescript packages for its backend. @angular/language-service is always bundled with the extension, and is always the latest version at the time of the release. typescript is loaded, in order of priority, from:

  1. The path specified by typescript.tsdk in project or global settings.
  2. (Recommended) The version of typescript bundled with the Angular Language Service extension.
  3. The version of typescript present in the current workspace's node_modules.

We suggest not specifying typescript.tsdk in your VSCode settings per method (1) above. If the typescript package is loaded by methods (1) or (3), there is a potential for a mismatch between the API expected by @angular/language-service and the API provided by typescript. This could lead to a failure of the language service extension.

For more information, please see #594.

Installing a particular release build

Download the .vsix file for the release that you want to install from the releases tab.

Do not open the .vsix file directly. Instead, in Visual Studio code, go to the extensions tab. Click on the "..." menu in the upper right corner of the extensions tab, select "Install from vsix..." and then select the .vsix file for the release you just downloaded.

The extension can also be installed with the following command:

code --install-extension /path/to/ngls.vsix

Angular Language Service for Other Editors