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Protractor support topics

Supported browsers

Tests with Protractor test suite (v 4.0.13)

The following are the supported browsers / drivers based on running the Protractor test suite. Since the test suite checks only firefox and chrome, these are the only browsers reported.

Current supported browsers / drivers

selenium standalone firefox chromedriver chrome
2.53.1 47.0.1 2.26 54


selenium standalone firefox 47.0.1 firefox 49.0.1
2.53.1 pass fail
3.0.0 fail fail

Driver providers

There are a couple cases where Protractor launches downloaded binaries (from webdriver-manager) without specifying which version to use:

  • local driver providers - when no seleniumAddress, directConnect, saucelabs or browser stack configuration is set
  • direct connect - when setting directConnect to true

Protractor knows which downloaded binaries to use based on the update-config.json. The update-config.json is written during the update command and provides the path to the current downloaded version and a list of all the binaries previously downloaded.

During the launch of either local driver provider or direct connect, Protractor will launch the last downloaded binary.