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#include <vector>
#include <cassert>
class DisjointSet {
DisjointSet(const DisjointSet &d);
DisjointSet(int num);
DisjointSet &operator=(const DisjointSet &d);
void AddElements(int num); // REQ: num >= 0
void Union(int set1, int set2);
int Find(int element);
int NumElements() const;
int NumSets() const;
void copyAll(const DisjointSet &d);
struct Dnode {
int index; // index of the elment the node represents
int rank;
Dnode* parent;
Dnode() {
parent = NULL;
index = -1;
rank = 0;
int numElts;
int numSets;
std::vector<Dnode*> nodes;
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