Java 8 Huffman coding implementation
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Java 8 Huffman Coding Implementation

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Toy project implementing a Huffman Encoder using Java 8 and Dagger 2.

I created it as an exercise in using Java 8 constructs, which you can see most prominently in the Encoder and FrequencyDistribution classes.

The project uses Dagger 2 to manage some very basic dependencies. All of the Dagger 2 dependencies are in maven, but if you want to run the code in eclipse (or another IDE) you'll need to set up annotation processing (as seen here, and create a target/generated-sources/annotations source directory.

Running the Encoder

The HuffmanEncoder class should be called to encode a message. The result of the encode() call is a EncodingResult object which contains both the encoded result and the encoding tree required to decode the message again.


The encoder stores the result of encoding each character in a BitSet which is is converted into a byte array before being stored into EncodingResult.