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Garmin Forerunner TCX to Nike+ Converter & Uploader
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Development/Build Prerequisites

  • *nix system
  • java sdk (1.7+)
  • maven 3

Directory Setup

You may require the following property files, depending on what you want to do:

  • download garmin activities.
$ cat etc/
# Credentials for garmin connect login.
GARMIN_USERNAME = <garmin-connect-username>
GARMIN_PASSWORD = <garmin-connect-password>
  • upload to nike+.
$ cat etc/
# Credentials for nike+ login
# I discovered these values by sniffing HTTP posts made by the nike+ iPhone application.
NIKEPLUS_CLIENT_ID     = <nikeplus-client-id>
NIKEPLUS_CLIENT_SECRET = <nikeplus-client-secret>
NIKEPLUS_APP           = <nikeplus-app>
  • run unit tests which upload to nike+.
$ cat etc-test/
# Credentials for nike+ login (used by unit-tests). = <nikeplus-email>
nikeplus.password = <nikeplus-password>


mvn package
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