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  1. File an issue to notify the maintainers about what you're working on.
  2. Fork the repo, develop and test your code changes, add docs.
  3. Make sure that your commit messages clearly describe the changes.
  4. Send a pull request.

File an Issue

Use the issue tracker to start the discussion. It is possible that someone else is already working on your idea, your approach is not quite right, or that the functionality exists already. The ticket you file in the issue tracker will be used to hash that all out.

Style Guides

  1. Write in UTF-8 in Python 3
  2. User modular architecture to group similar functions, classes, etc.
  3. Always use 4 spaces for indentation (don't use tabs)
  4. Try to limit line length to 80 characters
  5. Class names should always be capitalized
  6. Function names should always be lowercase
  7. Look at the existing style and adhere accordingly

Fork the Repository

Be sure to add the relevant tests before making the pull request. Docs will be updated automatically when we merge to master, but you should also build the docs yourself and make sure they're readable.

Make the Pull Request

Once you have made all your changes, tests, and updated the documentation, make a pull request to move everything back into the main branch of the repository. Be sure to reference the original issue in the pull request. Expect some back-and-forth with regards to style and compliance of these rules.

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