A debuger for erlang that runs in the terminal.
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An terminal debugger for Erlang. This is a prototyp, all help, pull requests and bug reports are welcome.

Build Status


  • Ease to use over nice interface
  • Not for production use ... Use redbug for that.


  • Wbug doesn't work so nicely if you have a second process triggering a breakpoint while you'r debugging.
  • Don't use this on a critical system
  • Slow
  • Code reloads

How does it work

This projects used the module int.erl. This is the same interface as the graphical erlang debugger runs. Modules with breakpoints are evaluated in a special interperter (much slower). When a breakpoints is triggers a meta processes is spawned. This is the processes that the this projects is communicating with (through the int module).


rebar compile


run/look at wbug:manual(), to see a little example.


  • Another process hits a breakpoint while you're debugging -> some kind of queue.
  • Choose process to debug from queue.
  • Stop command that works. (Wbug currenlty uses 5 of the 13 commands that can be sent to the meta process).
  • Currently only 2 unit tests that are covering parts of one module.
  • Look at other debuggers to find nice features.
  • More modes
  • (timeout + stepping is a bad combo ... maybe some autostep that writes the terminal output to file).
  • Other types from breakpoints (enter function, conditional break).