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Quality improvement charts
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Quality improvement charts for R

qicharts2 is an R package with functions for making run charts, Shewhart control charts and Pareto charts for continuous quality improvement. Included control charts are: I, MR, Xbar, S, T, C, U, U', P, P', and G charts.

Non-random variation in the form of minor to moderate persistent shifts in data over time is identified by the Anhoej rules for unusually long runs and unusually few crossing [Anhoej, Olesen (2014)].

Non-random variation in the form of larger, possibly transient, shifts is identified by Shewhart's 3-sigma rule [Mohammed, Worthington, Woodall (2008)].

Exported functions

  • qic() Run and control charts.

  • summary.qic() Summary of qic object.

  • paretochart() Pareto charts.

  • bchart() Bernoulli CUSUM chart (EXPERIMENTAL).

Included datasets

  • hospital_infections Number of hospital acquired bacteremia, Clostridium difficile infections, and urinary tract infections in six hospitals.

  • cabg Individual coronary artery bypass graft operations.

  • cdi Hospital acquired Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) before and after an intervention to reduce the risk of CDI.

  • nhs_accidents Number of attendances to major accident and emergency hospital departments in the NHS that were seen within 4 hours of arrival over twenty weeks.

  • gtt Adverse events during hospitalisation found by the Global Trigger Tool.


  • Install stable version from CRAN: install.packages('qicharts2').


  • Install development version from github: devtools::install_github('anhoej/qicharts2', build_vignettes = TRUE).


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